Are Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Made From Peva Safe?

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Harms they cause to the environment and the risk of exposure to toxins is enough to discourage you from using shopping bags made from harmful plastics. They are certainly not suitable for packing your kid’s lunch. You can use them to pack your clothing purchases but not anything that you feed to your body. Plastic can release some chemicals when it comes in contact with heat. So, it is totally unsafe for packing hot meals.

It is good for your family if you are on a mission to remove toxins from your house. You should start by getting rid of plastic bags. When you are not keeping these harmful plastic-made bags in your house, you can’t pack your customer’s content in them. So, start using bags made from eco-friendly materials and encourage your customers to reuse them. There are several such materials used for making reusable shopping bags. You can even use them for promotional purposes as well. Many small and medium-sized businesses are cashing in on the marketing potential of custom reusable shopping bags. These are bags featuring the name, logo, or message of your business. PEVA is one of the materials used for making custom reusable shopping bags.

What is PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate)

It is a non-chlorinated vinyl often used as a PVC substitute. Polyvinyl chloride is a known carcinogen. As a carcinogen is any substance that can cause cancer, you should avoid it where possible. PEVA is a non-toxic version of vinyl. So, it is a lot safer than PVC products. In addition to custom reusable shopping bags, it is used for making many other household items including:

  • Toys
  • Shower curtains
  • Cosmetic bags
  • Shoes
  • Baby bibs
  • Car covers
  • Plastic table covers
  • Mattress protectors

Is It Safe For Making Reusable Shopping Bags, Especially For Packing Foods?


PVC is a problematic material because of plasticizers like phthalates and stabilizers like lead and other heavy metals. These components of PVC make the material more flexible. As PEVA is a non-toxic alternative to PVC, this gives you peace of mind when you are packing food items. PEVA custom reusable shopping bags are safe for carrying hot meals. Even experts are comfortable with food and PEVA. While it is true that PEVA is made from petrochemicals, the amount of toxins is pretty insignificant. Most importantly, it is a non-chlorinated vinyl.

However, when you are ordering for wholesale PEVA shopping bags, do make sure that they are made from FDA-approved PEVA. You can even keep them in your freezer. If you feel that your bag is too dirty to reuse, don’t worry. These reusable shopping bags are very easy to clean. You just need some water and a wipe cloth. Just soak them in water and then wipe with a cloth. Now, you can use them again to pack grapes, toasted hemp seeds or any other food item. As compared to PVC bags, a PEVA reusable bag is a very affordable option.

Reusability, affordability, ease of cleaning and being non-toxic, with these many benefits to offer, it’s time to order these bags online.

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