Best Ways To Boost Your Phone Signal Performance

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We all want to have perfect connections all the time, without fail. Today, we view our phones and mobile reception as a necessity rather than a luxury. But that’s natural, isn’t it? We work, study and shop online, not to mention, many of us live far from our families, and good call quality is essential. And naturally, we feel lost when this life-saving connection fails us. How to prevent Signal Performance problems from happening? Well, there are a few remedies. Read on to see what you can do to get yourself out of this sticky situation. But before we get there, let’s see why your phone reception might behave this way!

There are a few main reasons for your phone to have a Signal Performance problem. First of all, you might be too far away from the tower. That happens mostly in rural, remote areas. In the middle of nowhere, in short. If you get a bad signal in the city, that’s most likely occurring because there are too many obstructions in the signal’s way. Concrete, metal, wiring, etc. And, naturally, it might be a phone problem, and there are quick fixes for that as well, of course, like restarting your phone or turning the ‘airplane mode’ off and on again, but let’s address the Signal Performance problem on a larger scale first.

1. Purchase a cell phone signal booster. This device is a reliable life-jacket for low reception regions. There are so many to choose from! You can get a device made with your specific problem in mind! But first, let’s see what it is and how it works.

Any signal booster consists of 3 main components. The external antenna, which can catch the outside signal from the nearest tower, even if it’s very weak or fluctuating. The signal is then transmitted to the amplifier, which takes the weak signal, enhances it, then passes the new, strong signal to the internal antenna, which subsequently, spreads it through a certain area.

To make the right choice, and purchase the best fitting device for you, just consider these few things. First – Your cell operator. An LTE booster can enhance only a certain wavelength, so consider that before making a decision. It’s also important to remember that if you need both call and 4g booster, consider a dual or tri-band model. It’s important to remember about the coverage as well. Some devices can transmit the enhanced signal over only 1600 sq ft, others over 16000 sq ft. Choose the one you need and ask the shop for advice if you’re not sure.

2. If your signal is not that bad and what you are experiencing is best described as sporadic complications with reception, maybe the reason is in your phone. For starters, try not to use up your whole battery. When the charge is critically low, your phone may be struggling to locate the nearest tower and is hence giving you low bars instead of full 5. You can drastically reduce battery consumption by turning off your Bluetooth, 4G while you are on WiFi, and basically, any other function that you are not currently using. As we mentioned before, when you are struggling with bad reception, a simple restart might be very useful, giving your phone the chance to reboot and reconnect with the nearest tower.

3. If your dropped calls occur while you are densely surrounded by people, try to move away from the area. Sounds primitive, of course, but sometimes, at concerts, stadiums, etc. too many phones create interference with each other.

4. Holding the phone correctly might also help. If you remember phones in the nineties, you will recall the antenna coming out of them. It made the reception easier. Nowadays, phones still have it, but under the plastic or metal cover. And when we hold our mobile in what we call a portrait mode position, we cover the antenna and cause trouble for the signal to get through.

As you can see, there are foolproof ways to better even the worst Signal Performance, so don’t worry if you don’t get a 5-bar reception at home. There are ways to remedy that and forget that you ever had that problem.

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