Creative Gifts Ideas for Girls (Under $40)

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Giving gifts is a great way to show how much you care about them and how attentive you are to their interests. However, although the market is full of “potential gifts,” most of you will relate to the situation when you just cannot decide what to give them. This article is here to help you get some cute gift ideas for girls that will surely make them happy.


Books are gifts for the whole life, and the right chosen book can be revolutionary for the rest of that person’s life. You can even express your gratitude, honor, and love by giving books. If you want to be sorry to your friend, but cannot express it with books, you can choose a book about friendship, and she will definitely understand. Besides, it is a well-known fact that books open up minds, so your gift might become a milestone for something more significant in that person’s life.


While giving clothes as gifts is a bit challenging, as it refers to their taste and you might also get the wrong size, giving a hoodie to someone who adores wearing them will bring a smile to their face. You can even choose a couple of matching hoodies if it’s a gift for your girlfriend, which will make them think about you whenever wearing them. For example, here is a comfy frog hoodie with an affordable price ($24.95) in various colors (white, black, green, blue, etc.) and sizes. This frog hoodie will remind your girlfriend about the cartoon “The Princess and the Frog,” which she would certainly not be against.

Gift Card

Gift Cards are extremely great gifts in terms of their convenience. For example, if you know that a certain person likes jewelry, but you are unsure whether she will like it, you can just get a card for her. Nowadays, most companies even offer online gift cards, so you can get them virtually and send them via messages. In short, gift cards give freedom to the person, so in the end, they will, indeed, be fully satisfied with the gift.

“Open When” envelope

These are a series of envelopes, each of them referring to a special purpose that states why they need to be opened. These envelopes can have a unique theme based on the person’s role in your life. For example, you can have some of these options: 1) Open when you’re tired, 2) Open when you are hungry, 3) Open when you are sad, and many more. You can put so many different things in them: a beauty mask, chocolate, a notebook, a ticket, tea, scented and jar candles, etc.


All of us have hobbies. Hobbies make our life enjoyable, and receiving something referring to that is another great idea. For example, if that person collects interesting coins, you can search for them in online shops and get them for her. This will make her understand how attentive you are when it comes to their values and interests, and each time she looks at their collection, you will come to their mind first.

Online Classes

If they want to learn more about NFTs, if they’re going to develop their graphic design skills or any other field, giving them a subscription opportunity for a great class is a considerable investment in their lives. The knowledge they will gain throughout the class can be the beginning of something huge. So, based on their personal interests, consider this idea as there are thousands of online courses with affordable prices.

Personalized Notebook/Planners

A personalized notebook/planner can be a really useful gift for the person who likes to put her thoughts down on paper or organize her day through it; a personalized notebook/planner can be a handy gift. You can put some inspirational quotes on the cover, such as “Never Give Up,” “You Matter,” or, maybe, one of her favorite quotes, along with her name, so that each time she takes it to write, she will remember you.

Giving gifts is essential, as they allow us to express our gratitude for the person’s existence. The right chosen gift can improve your relationship with that person even more. This article provided some non-cliche gift ideas under $40 that can potentially make the receiver’s day!

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