Coin Collecting Supplies for Beginner Collectors

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Coin collecting can be an extremely fulfilling hobby once you start and get into it. If you have recently gotten into this hobby, then you must get to know what supplies you need to display in your coin collection properly. Likewise, having the right supplies will help keep your coins in their best and most pristine condition. 

There are several places where you may find coin collecting supplies. As a beginner collector, you will find that having specific tools can help you pursue your hobby and ensure your coins do not get damaged. Choosing the right supplies or tools will be the first step in starting your coin collecting hobby and journey.

Coin Holders and Albums

Coin holders are one of the most basic coin collecting supplies you may encounter as they are typically the first thing collectors get when they start their hobby. As a collector, you will need a place to store your coins to prevent damage or loss. Typically, coin holders come in different sized boxes, with a standard size being 2×2, designed to ensure your coins do not scratch against each other.

Another famous coin holder is a coin flip, which is designed for you to fit your coins into individual pockets to be folded and stapled. Coin flips are also relatively inexpensive but still prevent your coins from falling out. In buying a coin flip, you must choose one that does not contain PVC as it is highly reactive to elements like copper, silver, or gold. Coins that come into contact with PVC may lead to discolorations and unwanted spots due to the acidic reaction. 

Coin albums or folders also make for great beginner collecting supplies. The simplest albums come in many variations but typically only allow one side of the coin to be viewed. Despite this, they are inexpensive and practical, making them ideal if you are new to the hobby. For more advanced collectors, there are also coin albums that allow both sides of the coin to be viewed but are also more expensive. 

Safekeeping Supplies for Coin Collectors

There are various coin collecting supplies that you should consider getting as a collector. However, aside from the supplies used to store your coins, you should also not overlook getting supplies that help you safe-keep your coins. For instance, it is advisable to handle your coins with gloves since the oils and acids on your fingers and skin can affect the surface of the coins. You may use many different gloves, though professional collectors often prefer using soft cotton gloves.

Another essential thing to always have with you is a soft cloth that you can use to clean or preserve your coin without causing any harsh damage. At the same time, you can use a soft cloth to wipe any oil or residue that may have transferred to your coin. When examining or working with your coins, you can also prepare soft pads to cushion your coins just in case you drop any of them.

Numismatic news shows that there has been a rise in coin collectors, indicative of the growing interest towards the hobby. If you plan to get into it, then there are various supplies that you can get to start your hobby, but ultimately, you will need to be extremely meticulous and particular in selecting. 

With coins being fragile and rare collector’s items, you must choose the best supplies to preserve the condition of your coins. 

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