Benefits of Advanced Wheelchairs as New-age Mobility Aids

The essence of life is to be able to move around freely and enjoy every experience. However, with old age, the body loses its strength and vitality. And sometimes, fatal illness and ailments restrict body movements. It is the reason why senior citizens and others often get bedridden. However, with the advancement of science, there’s no need for disabled people to lead a static life. Today, they can opt-in for mobility aids that enable them to move around and go about their daily lives.

Benefits of mobility aids for the disabled

Simply put, mobility aids get designed to assist people who have issues that can move around and have greater independence and freedom. People with injuries, disabilities, and senior citizens who might fall while walking should opt-in for mobility aids. Today, you can select from a vast range of mobility equipment, such as the stairlifts and the canes. However, one of the most popular and advanced solutions get provided by wheelchairs. To know more about it, you can read online about mobility aids for the disabled.

Wheelchairs as mobility aids

Usually, if a patient gets prohibited from putting extra weight on the lower limbs, should opt-in for a wheelchair. Also, people who can’t walk due to severe leg injury or paralysis can resort to this device. It helps the patients to move around freely and carry out their daily chores. You can use wheelchairs that can be manually monitored by another person. Alternatively, some wheelchairs can get governed by the neural impulses of the person, as well. Some of the best examples of wheelchairs comprise standing wheelchairs that enable people to get the desired support. Furthermore, specific wheelchairs are also getting designed that patients can use while playing particular sports, shopping in a hyper mall, and even attending a seminar.

The leading makers today have come up with three distinct types of wheelchairs, namely:

  • Lightweight wheelchair
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Folding wheelchair

Each wheelchair comes with its specific features and uses! It can help the patient to travel about 15 miles or so. The folding wheelchairs allow patients to carry a bag along with it. Hence, it will enable people to move around better and even take a trip. On the other hand, lightweight wheelchairs need to maintain a specific weight. Hence, it is essential to keep to the stipulated weight count and not exceed it for safety purposes.

The type of wheelchair a patient chooses depends entirely on their preference and medical condition. Sometimes, patients are happy with the traditional wheelchair with a few technology tweaks and additions. On the other hand, doctors suggest that disabled people should get put on the latest wheelchairs that are easy to monitor single-handedly and can cater to the patient’s needs.

The cost of the wheelchairs varies based on the model and the features they carry. It also depends on the brand. Hence, no one cost structure is applicable to all the devices. You can browse through the wheelchair models, research on the same, and then arrive at an informed decision.


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