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If you are looking to become a leader in education, getting your degree online is a great option. You can obtain your Doctorate in Education degree online with a program that is designed for current and emerging leaders in both traditional and nontraditional education environments.

Earning an online degree for EDD will help you move into various leadership roles. Those who pursue this degree have a passion for higher education and want to hold a position that deals with daily challengers and administrative duties of higher education. With an EDD you can help to enlist and guide the talents of exceptional teachers, students and parents as they work towards achieving success in their pursuit of education.

A great educational leader will learn how to deal with curriculum and instruction and guide their staff. As a leader you will research best practices and look for new and innovative ways to engage staff and students. You can help to create positive change in education policy and processes in elementary, secondary and postsecondary institutions by implementing plans and programs to improve schools. As a leader in education, you will go above and beyond just administration and management tasks by advancing and improving education systems and enact policies.

What are the Benefits of an Online EDD?

You can make an impact with an online Doctorate in Education. You will learn how to effectively lead educational organizations through a program that is designed for current and emerging leaders who want to make a difference and take the next step in their professional career.

The practice based program is more than just research in your areas of interest. The 60-unit EDD program focuses on problem-solving, leadership, organization accountability, as well as how to effectively adapt in work environments. You will concentrate on qualitative research, collect data, conduct interviews, make observations, and participate in focus groups that help to identify problems and develop strategies to solve them. In the program, you will learn how your research will influence the decisions making the process as an educational leader.

An online EDD program allows you the flexibility to earn your degree at a pace that works for you. You can maintain your current job or career while taking classes online. The balance between your family and home life with the school will make it easier to achieve your goal of becoming a leader in education. Taking classes online versus taking classes on-campus will also save you on the expenses of commuting, campus fees and purchasing a parking pass.

With a Doctorate in Education, you have more earning potential and career opportunities. The pay is higher for those who hold a doctorate degree. You can earn an average of 63% more than those who only have a bachelor’s degree. A doctorate degree qualifies as the highest position in both academia and research and offers the most flexible career paths because you qualify for both academic and non-academic positions. Those who hold a doctorate degree have the lowest unemployment rates as well as the highest lifetime earning potentials of any degree.

What Does an Online EDD Program Look Like?

An online EDD program will help you to develop the skills to practice and address the challenges education leaders face. By taking classes online you are able to maintain your current job while advancing your education. You will also have the flexibility to take classes at your own pace. While most degrees are received in three to four years, it could take longer depending on if you take classes full or part-time.

An online program to obtain your Doctorate in Education will cover theory and practice of education, the role of education in society, teaching methods, psychology, school law and technology used in education. Students who are pursuing their Doctorate in Education will take courses that cover a wide range of topics that are designed to prepare them for a career in higher education administration. You will learn how the academic community works which includes the student experience and the competitive nature of academics. You’ll also learn how to gather and analyze data and implementing strategies.

You will learn to positively transform education by applying theories and models through exceptional leadership. The EDD program is designed to help you learn how to build relationships to improve the quality of education by combing your research and professional practice to influence policy. In the online program, you will learn from committed faculty members-provide assistance, insight and help you to advise your goal of becoming an educational leader through completing your coursework and research.

What Careers Can You Get with an EDD?

Once you have your Doctorate in Education, you have the opportunity to pursue a career at all levels of education. From pre-school program directors to academic deans at universities, the opportunities with an EDD are unlimited.

At the college or university level, education leaders are employed as department chairs, athletic directors, curriculum directors or academic deans. In elementary and second schools, work as principals, assistant principals, athletic directors, headmasters, or lead teachers. Other education leaders work with advocacy groups, lobby groups or non-profit organizations that work to create or reform policy in the education systems.

With your Doctorate in Education degree, you are prepared for a range of professions in higher education. The leadership and decision-making skills you learn in addition to the research and doctoral study experience you have gained will make you an ideal candidate. In college administration positions you have to be able to provide direction and set department standards, faculty and staff, create curriculum, monitor academic programs, as well as implement budgets and financial plans. All of this is done will create the best possible for students, faculty, and staff.

A Final Note

A Doctor of Education degree is unique because it is practice based degree rather than a research-based degree. Individuals who pursue their EDD want to take on leadership roles within the education field. An online EDD program prepares students who want to become teacher educations, academic advisors, or administrators such as a department dean at a college. With your Doctorate in Education, you will enter a field that is in constant evolution. With your degree, you will become a leader in education that is prepared to understand, manage, and implement new ideas in order to evolve to what the future of education looks like.

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