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With all the historical events to its name like the annual Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve and housing the famous Statue of Liberty, New York gained the moniker as “the capital of the world.” It gives countless opportunities to those who are wandering about in life. One of the most excellent chances is to enroll in its elite New York University.

The technology of today allows a virtual NYU campus tour. Some students capture the life inside the campus in video blogs. It gives a glimpse of what it’s like, those who do not have the opportunity of visiting New York University. Outsiders get to witness life as it is inside the institution’s walls through the eyes of its students.

What is New York University?

New York University belongs to the most prestigious schools in the United States. It is an institution that celebrates diversity. The university opened its gates to students and faculty from more than 151 countries including Asia and Africa. All in all, non-American learners comprise at least 28% of the total student body.

Globally, NYU ranks on the top 30 universities all over the world. In 2019, they went from #39 to #27. Therefore, employers do give a high preference to its graduates.  93% of New York University alumni find employment within six months after the commencement exercises.

Although academia is not for everyone, it has an admission rate of only 27.7% and is quite strict with their requirements. First off, the GPA of the applicants needs to be at least 3.7, with an SAT score of 1,382.

The high requirements and low admission rate filter out the deserving ones; on the other hand, it also allows New York University to maintain its prestige status.

What Does the Life inside the Campus Look Like?

New York University is situated in the heart of New York, which is Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. It features a borderless campus and students are free to roam the roads of the city. The unconventional set-up allows students to explore countless opportunities and interests.

Manhattan is also home to more than seven million people, and it allows the students to meet new people. Hence, building large networks is possible and enables countless chances of meeting new employers.
Thanks to its borderless vicinity, all sorts of activities can be seen happening all at once, even on a virtual NYU campus tour. The blogs of the students show what life inside the campus is like. Its diverse culture shows on a quick swipe of the camera in the park where students write, paint, walk, or even take a break.

The university also prioritizes the welfare of its learners while on campus. Aside from offering financial aid or educational grants to some of its students, it also has 23 housing halls available for them. Therefore, parents can feel at ease knowing their children are safe and well-cared for.

NYU also guarantees the safety of its wide array of food. It offers 13 different eateries which surely cater to all cultures. The school also ensures that the food selection does not only serve dishes for everyone, but it is packed with nutrients for the health of the students.

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