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Bang Chan, a multi-talented man who is gonna rapidly gain popularity worldwide through his amazing working skills. As a great leader of Stray Kids (a South Korean boy band) and producer, he is also a part of the hip-hop unit 3RACHA. He is also a champion in dancing and singing.

We all know about his exceptional work, but rare ones are known about his early age and family. Let’s go. After researching from authoritative sites, I finally summarized some important facts about his life. Today I’ll lead you in his life and legacy and also the net worth that he earns from his premium work.


NameChristopher Bang
Known AsBang Chan
Date of birthOct. 3, 1997
Place of birthSeoul, South Korea
Home townSydney, Australia
Age26 years old
EducationCheongdam High School
OccupationRapper, songwriter, producer, composer, dancer & singer
Height5’7″ (171cm)
Weight65 kg (143.3 lbs)
AssociationStray Kids
AgencyJYP Entertainment

Early Age life

On October 3, 1997, Bang Chan was born in Seoul, South Korea. After some years passed, he moved to Sydney, Australia with his family. He studied at “Newtown High School of the Performing Arts” for ballet and modern dance. Because his dad was a swimming instructor, he also enjoyed playing sports and won countless medals. Bang Chan’s real name is Christopher Bang.

He graduated from Chungdam High School after resettling to South Korea. In high school, he began writing songs on his own using a MacBook programme. Due to some specific difficulty, he initially quit, but in his third year, he picked it up again and has been making music ever since.


He made it through a local JYP Entertainment audition in Australia in 2010 at the age of 13. On April 11, 2011, despite his youth, he travelled to Korea for training and became a member of JYP. During his seven years of training (2010–2017), he saw his fellow trainees’ debuts without him. He performed under the stage name “Chris” during this time.

With trainees Han Jisung and Seo Changbin, Bang Chan founded the hip-hop group 3RACHA towards the end of 2016. Together, they posted extended plays and self-written albums in 2017.

On October 11, 2017, JYP formally released his identity and photo in connection with his future role in the survival series Stray Kids. Apart from being the leader of the “Male Group Project” he founded with J.Y. Park, he was also introduced to the roles of “Produce”, “Vocal”, “Rap”, and “Dance”. Bang Chan’s debut as the leader of the boy group Stray Kids was revealed during the show’s final episode on December 19, 2017. On March 25, 2018, Bang Chan made his debut as the premium leader of Stray Kids with the release of the album “I am NOT“.


As he grew up, Bang Chan spent a comfortable, fantasy life. From his early age to his grown-up age, he got everything from his family, support, and confidence. Bang Chan’s father is Jack Bahng (owner & coach of “Uncle Jack’s Swim Club” in Sydney) and his mother is Jessica Bahng (a social media influencer). He had two siblings, named – Lucas Bang (younger brother) and Hannah Bang (sister).

Bang Chan’s mother Jessica Bahng (52 years old) contains a YouTube channel with almost 122k followers, where she posts short real-life films. Her Instagram account has over 428k followers, that’s enough to understand how much she is involved on social media and maintains a huge fanbase.

Bang Chan’s sister is Hannah Bahng (19 yers old). Born on February 9, 2004, Hannah gained popularity on her own TikTok channel, which has over 4.1 million followers, by lip-syncing and doing trending dances. She started her own YouTube channel in 2021 where she posts funny vlogs and vocal covers.

Bang Chan’s younger brother, Lucas Bang (17 years old) is a singer. One of his famous songs was “I’m Yours”. He is 10 years younger than his brother.

And we didn’t have any information about Bang Chan relationships. There are no rumours about his love life.

Bang Chan’s Performance At Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band that was formed by JYP Entertainment in 2017. There are eight members in the group. In October 2019, Kim Woojin, a previous member, left the band for unknown personal reasons. The group is renowned for being self-producing, with Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han making up 3RACHA, their primary production group, and the other members contributing to the songwriting of several tracks from their albums. Bang Chan was named by “Kangaroo” and “Koala” among his members. Know everything about Stray Kids.

Stray Kids Present Members

Stray Kids has 8 present members, named:

  1. Felix
  2. Hyunjin
  3. Bang Chan
  4. Han
  5. Lee Know
  6. Changbin
  7. Seungmin
  8. I.N
  9. Kim Woojin (left member)

Top 20 Music Videos Of Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Here are the top 20 music videos of Stray Kids Union, have a look:

  1. LALALALA (2023)
  2. S-Class (2023)
  3. CASE (2022)
  4. MANIAC (2022)
  5. Christmas EveL (2021)
  6. MEGAVERSE (2023)
  7. Thunderous (202)
  8. Like Magic (2024)
  9. Back Door (2020)
  10. Red Lights (2021)
  11. Social Path (2023)
  12. TOPLINE (2023)
  13. MIROH (2019)
  14. Charmer (2022)
  15. #LoveSTAY (2022)
  16. DOMINO (2021)
  17. CHEESE (2021)
  18. Super Bowl (2023)
  19. VENOM (2022)
  20. Silent Cry (2021)

Net worth

Bang Chan’s estimated net worth is $5 million. Based on the money he makes from his career as a singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and singer in addition to serving as the leader of the K-pop group Stray Kids. Apart from that, he has put out solo albums and appeared in several TV shows and commercials. As his performing skills, Bang Chan net worth may be over $7-9 million as years go by (2025-2026).


1. What Is Bang Chan Real Name?

Bang Chan real name is Bang Christopher Chan.

2. How Old Is Bang Chan?

As of 2024, he was 26 years old (DOB – Oct. 3, 1997).

3. What Is Bang Chan Stray Kids?

Bang Chan is a South Korean singer, dancer, rapper, composer, and leader of the K-pop group Stray Kids formed through the show JYP Entertainment.

4. Does Bang Chan Have Any Girlfriends?

No! There are no rumours surrounding his love life.

5. Is Bang Chan Still Stray Kids Leader?

Bang Chan became the leader of Stray Kids on March 25, 2018, and still he lead the band.

6. How Many Songs Did Bang Chan Make?

As of May 2024, Bang Chan created over 180 songs and still his work continues.

7. How Much Bang Chan Earned From His Music Videos?

Each member of the Stray Kids is paid over $1.7 million per video.

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