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Patrick Labyorteaux was born on 22nd July in the year of 1965. He is an American actor, scriptwriter, commercial television producer. His full name is Patrick Francis Labyorteaux. He was born in Los Angeles, which is located in California. He had been very popular after playing the role of Andrew Gravy on the NBC series. That name is Little House on the Prairie. He is also famous for the CBS series, NCIS series, and many more series. Patrick Labyorteaux has played so many commercial dramas on television; he also produced many TV commercials. He also knew a famous scriptwriter on TV.

Patrick Labyorteaux early life:

In the year 1965, 22nd July Patrick Labyorteaux was born. He was born in Los Angles a city is located in California. When he was born, he has no parents. Later Ronald Labyorteaux adopted him, Ronald is known by ‘Ron’, and Ron was a talent agent. Patrick’s mother’s name is Frances Labyorteaux, she is very popular in stage drama actress, known by Frances Marshall. Patrick’s brother is Mathew Labyorteaux who was adopted by Frances and Ron in the year 1966. His sister is Jane Labyorteaux.

Nationality and physical stats:

Patrick is an American actor who has known as a scriptwriter, producer, and actor. His nationality is American, his body and face color are white, his hair color is white and his eye color is blue. His height is 5 ft 9 inches. 

Television career:

Patrick Labyorteaux played different types of movies, TV commercial series, short films, and many more. He is also known as a good scriptwriter on television. He also produced so many commercial dramas. He is well known in the TV industry when he played a role on Little House on the Prairie. These commercial series are very popular in the television industry and that series has been made by NBC. This series had been played from the year of 1977 to 1981. In this series, his name was ‘Andrew’. He also played different television commercials one of the famous series was the CBS series. In this series, he has been played the role of Lt. Cmdr. This series has been played on television for in the year of 1995 to2005. In other series, he has been played a guest appearance. Such popular series are Living Single, Yes, Lois & Clark: The New Adventure of Superman, Ghost Whisperer, The Love Boat, iCarly, and Dear.

Patrick Labyorteaux film career:

Patrick Labyorteaux movies and TV shows are very famous worldwide. You know he is an American actor that is why people have shown their interest in watching his movies, TV series. He’s one of the popular movies is Mame that was released in 1974. In this movie, he played the role of peter, and this movie has been directed by Gene Saks. He also got a chance in the movie of Summer School that movie has been directed by Carl Reiner. In this movie, he played a role of a football player whose name was Kevin Winchester. This movie is a popular comedy movie. In this movie, he has done his best and people also love this movie. In the year of 1989, he has been played the role of Ram Sweeney in the Cult film Heathers. He had been working as a voice-over artist in many cartoon series like Godzilla, Spider-Man, and many more.

Personal life:

Patrick is very popular in TV series. He has been produced so many TV commercials and he is also known as a popular scriptwriter on the television platform. Patrick is married to famous television commercial producer Tina Albanese. In the year of 1995, Patrick and Tina met. They worked together in the JAG series; she had been working as an associate producer in the JAG series. They love each other since 1995. After two years they have been officially announced for their engagement in the year 1997. And they have been marrying each other on 3rd October in the year of 1998.  Their first child was born on 11th July in the year 2001 at Sinal Medical Centre in the city of Los Angeles.

Patrick Labyorteaux net worth:

Patrick is a very popular TV actor as well as he has been played so many roles in movies. Patrick is also known as a very talented television scriptwriter, and TV commercial series producer. That is why he got many achievements. And he also got much public support. Patrick Labyorteaux net worth is 1.6 million US Dollars that has been calculated in 2021.

Social welfare:

 In the year of 1992, Patrick and Mathew have been created an organization, which name is Youth Rescue Fund. This is a nonprofit organization and that has been sheltered many youths all over the country. Patrick and Mathew raised 11 million US Dollars for this organization. Many refugees and homeless people have been benefited from this organization.


Patrick has been played different TV series, commercials, web series, and many more. He got awarded from the different television award show. He was also awarded Best Script Writer for television series. He was also awarded for the best television producer. This is the reason why he is famous in the television industry and many more to come in future


This article is all about Patrick Labyorteaux. He is now 56 years old, he got achieved so many awards at this age. He is a very talented actor in America. He is not only famous for his acting skill he is a story writer, the producer that has been described in the above section. In this article, you can get a lot of information about Patrick. You can see his achievements, Patrick labyorteaux net worth, social welfare, television career, film career, and many more. You can see the total journey of Patrick Labyorteaux and how he become a celebrity in America.

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