Automation In Workplace: How It Is Changing The Future Of Work

It is the act of using technology to substitute technology for human labor in the performance of specific tasks. It does this without necessarily requiring direct inputs from humans. Its history dates back to centuries ago. Throughout the flow of history, humans have adopted various technological advancements to help them get by. Whether the stone tools used by cave dwellers or the backhoe omitted the need for manual labor to dig, it is simply the act of adopting various tools that make the performance of a particular task easier and ensures you do not use a lot of effort compared to the way you performed the task before.

Types Of Workplace Automation

Help Desk

It is an automation tool to deal with employee concerns within your organization. When an employee questions bonuses, holiday allowances, etc., it has all the necessary feedback. It can also be designated to deal with basic computer problems within the organization. That will give the HR and IT departments in the organization to have more time to focus on tasks critical to the organization’s interests.

Customer Service

In this day and era, customers expect round-the-clock service. Most organizations’ customer service has been automated.At this point an automatic call recorder can come in handy. It helps record callswhich will aid in monitoring customer interactions. It is a good example of how technology is taking over the world. It ensures that if there is any query; the organization can easily deal with it. There are bots available to deal with situations even when workers are already at home, and some even offer to follow up to give a sense of more personal touch. An auto call recording is another use of automation in the field of customer service. It will enable them to rate and view ways of advancing their customer relation percentage.


When a business is under immense pressure, the marketing department suffers greatly. But with, an advanced tool that can perform tasks such as social media updates and e-mails can help keep marketing operating even when it is very hectic. The level of automation is deep to the point of nurturing the client and sending them highly personalized and relevant content at precise times.

Hiring Tools

The level of automation in workhas become deep. The future of automation is looking fruitful. Hiring the right person for a task can be a cumbersome ordeal for an organization. But with workplace automation, the once very huge process is becoming a walk in the park. A study proved that over 70% of employers discovered that applicant tracking software improved the experience of the candidates in the hiring process. A hiring tool selects candidates according to the keywords used in their curriculum vitae. It also enables them to be in touch with the candidates throughout the process; the action boosts the organization’s overall image to the public.

Onboarding Of Newly Hired Staff

The process is, at times, time-consuming and tedious. 

Automation helps bridge that gap. There is various software available in the enables an organization to set up the necessary accounts they need to set up. It also helps set up all the necessary procedures and documentation needed for the setup. Some bots can set up newbies with all the necessary tools to begin. A platform such as a workplace has bots with additional features that set up new personnel quickly. It can even answer any question that a newcomer might have.


How Will Automation Affect The Future Of Work?

In terms of the working environment and how it will drastically change, all employees will need to be re-trained and re-skilled to keep up with AI. Those owning big tech firms will grow richer while putting others out of jobs, so wealth-sharing laws and schemes will need to be set up. The whole education system will need to be re-invented and set up to accommodate technology.

What Are The Effects Of Automation In Work And Employment?

Over the next few years, many employees will lose their jobs due to the technological takeover in most sectors. The effects of automation will result in the loss of jobs and over-reliance of organizations on technology. It might pose to be very dangerous in terms of security reasons. In case of a cyber-attack or a virus, the organization will be at a great loss regarding data and information that can be stolen or lost. Over-adoption of technology poses a huge risk to the normal human ecosystem.

What Is The Impact Of Automation?

The biggest fear that still exists today is that someday, workers will be replaced by machines. Automation creates employment opportunities as fast as it creates them. When it comes to automation, more workers are skilled in the operation of machines than others. Those using machines have increased experience and are most likely to retain their jobs. Those without that much experience many times face the employment axe. Automation also shifts profits from the workers and lets the organization enjoy more profit margins since they are operating with a minimal workforce.

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