You Love Guns? Here Is How To Protect Yourself When Using Them

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Guns are a great way to protect yourself from engaging in hunting activities. However, if you’re a gun owner or a gun user, it’s essential to know what steps to take to keep yourself safe.

Though they have their uses, including as part of fun pastimes like hunting and hobby shooting, guns are dangerous weapons first and foremost. Respecting this fact means taking common sense precautions to keep yourself safe when using them.

Wondering what these precautions are? If so, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for information on how to protect yourself when using guns.

Know Where You’re Pointing Your Gun

Even if you believe a gun to be unloaded, it’s always essential to be careful when you point the muzzle of your gun. Ensure it is directed in a safe direction or a direction you intend it to point towards. This can be towards your target or an attacker – but you should never point it in a direction you don’t intend to shoot with live bullets.

When using a gun, it’s always best to handle it as though there is a risk of an accidental discharge. Always being conscious of this fact ensures that you won’t accidentally shoot someone or something you did not intend to shoot.

You should also practice with dummy guns to ensure you’re always in charge of the gun muzzle. This isn’t just limited to when you’re standing straight – even if you trip, stumble, or fall, you should have enough control over your weapon that, if the gun accidentally discharges, it will do so in a safe direction.

Remember, your gun is your responsibility. If you accidentally injure someone you did not mean to shoot, they will not care if you tripped or stumbled – they will only care about the fact that they are injured.

Wear Protection During Training

If you own a gun, you’ll have to train in how to handle it properly. This is generally done on gun ranges, though occasionally, people conduct gun training at home as well, especially when learning from family members.

In general, gun ranges should be safe. However, when live weapons are involved, it’s always best not to assume safety.

To ensure your safety, it’s always best to wear protective equipment where possible. You can find such equipment, including bulletproof vests on sale, both online and in supply stores. These vests will ensure that you will remain safe if there is an accidental deflection.

If you’re buying a gun for personal protection, you will not be able to anticipate when you will need to use it. However, if you’re buying a gun for hunting or hobby shooting, it’s always best to wear your bulletproof vest whenever you go to use your weapons, not just on the training range. Remember, deflections can happen anytime, and if you’re hunting in a popular area, you won’t be the only person with live weapons. Bulletproof vests and other protective gear like bulletproof helmets will help you stay safe.

Store Your Guns Properly

You should always make sure you store your guns safely and properly. You should also store your guns unloaded, without ammunition, and ensure they are locked in a gun safe that is not accessible to any children in your home. You should store ammunition in a separate locked safe.

Additionally, make sure that you have the key to your gun safe on you at all times. Leaving the key unattended means that it may be accessed by other household members, including children and untrained adults. You should also ensure you check your guns and ensure they are unloaded every time you put them back in the safe and remove them from it (to prevent you from accidentally firing a gun you didn’t know was loaded).

If you have children, it is essential to talk to them about gun safety. There are over 100 unintentional firearm deaths of children in the United States every year. Ensuring your children are aware of the basic rules of gun safety, and know never to approach your guns without you or another adult present, will help keep them protected.

Responsible gun ownership includes responsible gun storage, so it is essential to ensure your guns are safely stored away when they are not in use.

Guns are often necessary for many people’s homes, whether they use them for hunting, personal protection, hobby shooting, or simply to enjoy collecting guns. However, they are also dangerous weapons, which is why it’s essential to take every step possible to protect you and your loved ones from unintentional injury from the guns you own.

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