A Guide to Find the Best Accommodations Near the University of Melbourne

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By Jaylin

The second oldest university in Australia is The University of Melbourne and it is ranked among the top public research universities in the world. The main campus is in Parkville near the central business district, and other campuses are located across various regions in Victoria.

With thousands of students from various parts of the world and regional Australia applying to the university each year, campus accommodations are almost always full. Here are some other options to find accommodations near the university. Look at a platform like iglu.com.au for more details.

Here are some factors you should look into:

Apartment and Community Amenities

The place where you reside will directly impact the experience you have during your stay in Melbourne and your period of study at the university. Make sure that the apartment is student-friendly, and there are all basic amenities like storage, kitchen, washer, and dryer, among other things.

The community should promote harmony and check if there are study areas, places to hang out or store your bike. Some accommodations in Melbourne may tick all the boxes. Find them out through any platform like  iglu.com.au.


Students do not have a large budget, and when they live on their own, they are multiple things to take care of. Some students get by on scholarships. With rentals, students get great value for their money, and their money is rendered safe with proper deeds of deposits in place.

There are easy rental schemes for paying, and there are no extra charges for the multitude of facilities. Students can pay well in advance to secure their bookings, and their money will be safe. Check out the provider’s website for the full details of the rents and prices of the various rooms.


Melbourne boasts of a great transportation system. Apart from excellent transports like buses and cabs, the railway station is located nearby. You will also find rentals to hire cars or bikes as and when you require them. Those looking for accommodations in the suburbs of South Yarra will find it easy to commute by rail.

The region is calm and serene, and yet its proximity to the city and main campus with easy connectivity makes it a premium choice for students.

Staff and Utilities

As a student, you should not have to worry about setting up a home. Accommodation details like staff and utility should be taken care of so that you can concentrate entirely on your study and building your future. While most accommodations in Melbourne have these facilities, some are designed to meet every one of those requirements.

Basic utilities like water, electricity, cleaning, and security are always in place. A dedicated team of staff is present round the clock to help the students with any queries or issues.

Melbourne will have a great impact on your life with its vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere, and it will also have a great impact on your worldviews. Lay your trust in a provider that believes in providing students with a holistic living experience so that you may make the most of the time spent studying at Melbourne University.

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