Remote Work Survival Guide: The Best Working From Home Tips

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By Jaylin

It’s surprising how draining it can be to walk from the bedroom to the¬†living room every day.

Working from home during a pandemic has tried all of our nerves, and the days seem to blur together at this point. As spirits are lowering, our productivity seems to be plummeting as well.

You probably never thought you’d get tired of working from home, but all you want right now is to wave hello to your cubicle neighbor. Staring at your coffee maker at home every day is starting to get old.

To encourage you and help out, we’ve put together some working from home tips below. Give them a look, and try them out during your next workday.

Complete Frequent Body Scans

One of the best productivity tips for working from home is incorporating frequent body scans into your day. You’re probably wondering what this means. It’s super simple.

Every hour or so, take a second to realize how your body feels or what your needs might be. Do you need to take a bathroom break or grab water? Do you need to stretch because your back is feeling strained?

Tending to our needs helps us feel better, and feeling better helps us be more productive. Look into ergonomic tips, and never forget to take small stretch breaks.

To help your body out more, grab a tray for your keyboard. Your wrists and arms will be thankful.

Get Rid of Distractions

We know it’s easy to stop what you’re doing to pet your cat every 10 minutes. You might also be snacking as a way to avoid work. We’ve all been there.

Find a space in your home that’s free from distractions and work there. If you have to, take a weekend to remove clutter from your home. Throw away things you don’t need, and organize your space.

You can use distractions to create incentives for yourself. For example, for every hour of work you get done, give yourself 10 minutes to play with your dog.

Create Boundaries

No matter how many work from home tips and tricks you read, you’ll still find yourself in a rut if you don’t create boundaries.

Set up strict working hours for yourself. Once your workday is over, wrap up your task, and relax. Blurring the lines between work and personal time in your own home can cause fatigue.

You should also set physical boundaries on where you keep your work. Promise yourself you’ll only work on the dining room table or your home office. Don’t take work into your room.

Improve Your Productivity With the Above Working From Home Tips

Working from home has started to feel like a drag. Boost your productivity and performance with the above working from home tips.

Make sure to check in with your body throughout the day, and address any of your needs. Rid your environment of distractions, and never neglect to create boundaries for your own mental sake.

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