8 Ways You Can Badly Spoil Your Career!

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Your career is one of the most important facets of your life. It takes time and efforts to earn a name in an industry and you can spoil it by some of your actions. Most of the time, it is a force of habit or a personality trait that damages your career, while sometimes it is their ignorance that affects their career.

For those rookie professionals, we are going to list here a checklist of 8 things that can badly damage their career:

1. Being Aloof And Reclusive

Truly professional workers are those who can gel in a team and share a cordial rapport with every coworker. Employers don’t like people who don’t get along with others. In fact, many employers today conduct tests about personality traits of the job seekers to single out people who have a reclusive personality.

2. Lacking A Discipline

When you are working in a workplace, you have to obey certain rules. You have to come to the office at the official time. You have to follow the dress code of the company. You have to behave professionally while dealing with conflicts. Failure to comply with these things makes you come across as an irresponsible person in the eyes of the employer and reflects badly on your career.

3. You Procrastinate Tasks

No employer likes a person who delays things till the last minute. Employers like to work with people who have a proactive approach towards things and deliver work on time. No longer are you in a college where you can seek True assignment help online if you run out of time to complete a task.

When you are in a professional world, you are in serious business. So if you have a habit of delaying things and you can’t help it then it is going to hurt your career in the long run.

4. You Don’t Follow Instructions

No matter how skilled or talented you are as a professional, it is not going to do you any good if you can’t follow instructions. Compliance is an important part of your job and you have to be attentive enough to understand what your boss wants from you.
Therefore, if you have a habit of ignoring the instructions of your employer then you are indirectly hurting your career.

5. You Give Excuses For Your Mistakes

No employer likes to work with a person who cannot take ownership of his mistakes. A worker who has a habit of blaming others for his mistakes cannot grow as a professional. Employers like a worker who has the courage to own his mistakes and the willingness to overcome his shortcomings.

6. You Have “Attitude” Problem

As a professional, you need to have a learning attitude towards work. You should be open to constructive criticism in your job without complaining. People who constantly nag with their reporting authority are the least favorite workers in a team.
To be in the good books of your employer, you should come across as someone who has a “Yes I can do” attitude”.

7. Bitching About Coworkers

No one likes the company of a toxic coworker. They are the types of people who always have a bone to pick with someone. They are always complaining about things in their life and never miss the opportunity to vent out their contained anger. Such people are never appreciated by their employer.

8. You Are Stagnant

Stagnancy kills the growth and keeps you from reaching your true potential. Employers want to work with people who have the willingness to explore the new areas in their profession and who are willing want to take up the challenges in their job.

Such employee compliance trainings are an asset to any employer. But when you stop learning and become stagnant, you become a liability to your employer.

Career management is a serious job. Being a professional, you have to make every effort to enhance your career profile and build the professional reputation. The aforementioned are some ways you can kill that reputation. So make sure you don’t make those mistakes.

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