8 Unique Design Elements To Elevate Your Interior

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When it comes to interior design, it’s often the smallest details that make the biggest impact. With careful consideration, you can choose the interior design elements that will come together to elevate your interior.

Here are eight versatile ideas to get you started.

Custom Artwork

Nothing looks more elegant and chic than a real piece of art. Getting prints from the local department store is tired and overdone. Putting up custom artwork of a cherished place that brings forth a sense of nostalgia or a recreation of a memorable event can add personality and style to any room. You can even put up a painted family portrait, like this one from Instapainting.

Full Wall Curtains

You may have heard that when you’re hanging curtains, you should be installing the fixtures a few inches above the window. This creates the illusion of space. Now modern designers are taking this look to the next level and installing fixtures along the full length of the wall, just below the ceiling. This allows for complete coverage that can change the look of a room and makes an area look significantly larger. This is an especially nice design feature in livingrooms with large windows or in a bedroom.

Transitional Walls

The open concept look is here to stay. Not only does it create a better flow from one room to the next, but it allows for light and temperature control to be shared throughout the home. However, it’s also nice to have transitional walls to break up the space.

Transitional walls are there purely for decoration and can be created to match the overall design scheme of a home. Lush curtains look incredible in large archways, while steel rods create a chic, modern look. You can incorporate various designs and elements, from glass to wood, to make your transitional wall shine.

Exposed Beams

Exposed beams can be incorporated into any design scheme; rustic or modern, traditional or industrial. You can also do faux exposed beams if you have a high ceiling. Exposed beams can be left natural or painted a dark color to contrast a light background for a modern, eye-catching look that will have guests singing their praise.

Black Wall

More designers are incorporating a black wall into their design scheme, as a mysterious twist on the once-popular accent wall. The black wall is stunning, as it allows for decor elements to pop and contrast. This trend works great with custom artwork and can be softened by full wall curtains.

Circular Furniture and Soft Curves

Circular furniture and soft curves are a retro-inspired look that has made a comeback. This creates a sense of comfort and luxury in living rooms and bedrooms, as sharp edges are replaced by the flow and welcoming elegance of round coffee tables, ottomans, and curved couches. If you aren’t quite ready to move on from your square furniture, start incorporating smaller round pieces to find balance between the two.

Lush Fabrics and Textures

Another retro-inspired look, lush fabrics and textures bring back a sense of the 1970s, with velvet being one of the more popular choices for pillows and accents in the past year. Add a supple velvet accent chair or stool to the room and adorn it with textured throw pillows to get the essence of the look.

Natural Elements

Bringing the outdoors in is a fantastic way to keep up with modern interior design trends while remaining unique. This versatile look can be achieved with stone accents, wood elements, clay pieces, water features, and living plants. Incorporate the various elements as you choose and brush up on your feng shui practices to create a home that’s both welcoming and well-designed.

The best part about these modern design trends is that they’re versatile enough for you to make them your own. You and your neighbor could use the same inspiration and come out with drastically different results. Try some of these ideas to add a unique interior design flair to your home.

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