6 Top Home Decor Styles

Has there ever been a time when you found yourself wondering about the types of home décor styles? Or do you need to change your home style but you have no idea where to start from or what way to go? Do you wish to know how a transitional home décor style differs from a traditional style? Then you have to keep reading.

In this article, we will provide the answers to all these and then some. Knowing the top modern home décor styles will help you achieve that fab look you want for your home. Therefore, sit back, grab a cup of your favorite drink, and allow us to thrill you with the exciting world of home décor styles.

1. Transitional Design

We will like to begin with a style that is very popular in today’s design world; transitional design. If traditional designs are too stuffy for you yet you do not appreciate contemporary styles, then the transitional design may just be the right fit for you.

Why? It is simply because it is the perfect blend of elegance which is the bedrock of traditional styles, and contemporary textiles and lines. Accessories are typically kept minimal while textiles and furniture speak out the style. The accessories you will need to invest in should be along the lines of throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs.

2. Traditional Design

One well-known home décor that has passed through the test of time is traditional designs. This design uses chairs and tables that have peculiar and quite ornate details. This style has a rich history as it is said to be inspired by the France and England of the 18th century.

Due to its history, you will typically find textiles like velvet, linen, and silk used for this design’s window treatments and upholstery. The fabrics used also come in various patterns; some patterns often used include stripes, floral, plaids, and damask. Crystal chandeliers are also a common feature in traditional homes. If you aren’t into matching things, then we recommend you to go for another style.

3. Modern Design

It is not uncommon for people to mix up contemporary and modern home decor. Now, allow us to clear this confusion because these two home designs are not the same despite being very similar. Modern design is an interior style of a particular period in time. Contemporary design on the other hand is always evolving.

Modern design was first noticed around the early 20th century. What we call modern today is a blend of post-modern, mid-century, and Scandinavian designs. With this style, décor is usually kept minimal, so chrome, glass, and particular metal are common features with it. Most items are often ditched in a modern home while art is favored as a major décor.

4. Contemporary Design

Already, we have explained the difference between this and modern style. Contemporary design is a style that has never stopped evolving; it is also quite likely to keep on evolving. This style refers to the design of the current time.

Therefore, it borrows from different periods; this also makes it a perfect fit for a lifetime. It offers a simple and sleek space. Contemporary homes feature open layouts and detailed wall moldings that help create a distinct and interesting space. The furniture is made to expose clean lines and legs; this often creates an airy and light ambiance.

Materials like glass and metal are common due to their ability to reflect light. This style typically creates a perfect luxurious interior.

5. Minimalist Design

This style shares some similarities with the contemporary style. Here, clean lines, simple finishes, and uncomplicated forms are often emphasized as well. Less is seen as more, so, empty space is a common feature.

Neutral colors are mostly used; however, some primary colors may be used. Storage is also very important here; therefore, it is common to find furniture doubling as storage. For instance, a table may have hidden storage when lifted.

6. Bohemian Design

This style keeps gaining popularity and we are here for that. A lot of retailers keep hopping on the train, so this is a perfect time for anyone to explore their bohemian side.

To sum it up, bohemian designs are free-spirited styles that often mix several artistic expressions and cultures to make a diverse design. Here, emphasis is placed on nature so bright colors and bold patterns are used for accents and furniture. Walking into a bohemian home will feel like walking into another culture.

A nomadic vibe is achieved with the use of trinkets. Order is not quite necessary here and mixing colors and patterns is normal and even encouraged.

If none of these styles matches your need, then chances are you are one of those who would rather mix things up. There is nothing wrong with doing this. The design you pick is by extension a reflection of who you are. Therefore, do not be afraid or tired to keep trying until you get the best fit for you.


We hope this article has been of help to you. However, if you have further questions or comments, feel free to let us know.

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