3 Reasons to Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Sydney

Reports say domestic violence increased by 50% in Sydney in 2019. Domestic violence involves violent and abusive behavior towards a former partner, partner, or family member. Besides hurting physically, domestic violence also includes actions that humiliate, control, or scare the other person in the family.

If you are charged with domestic violence in the city and are found guilty, you will be sentenced to prison or asked to pay a fine or another penalty. Go to domestic violence lawyers Sydney to protect your job and reputation.

An attorney can make your situation a lot easier to handle. Here are some reasons for hiring a lawyer.

It is a serious criminal charge

If you are convicted of something as serious as domestic violence, the stakes are high. In NSW, the natives and islanders get the same treatment as the mainland dwellers. Several aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people use ‘family violence’ instead of domestic violence, including abuse between parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and children.

The NSW government considers family to be a broad spectrum. It includes anyone related to you through marriage, blood, or de facto partnerships, fostering relationships, and extended relationships.

If convicted under something so broad, the lightest sentence you may receive is a heavy fine, and if you cannot pay it, you may face worse penalties. Not just that, think about your reputation.

Additionally, most employers in NSW conduct primary research before hiring professionals. So, getting a new job will get very difficult, as such issues pop up during a background check.

Face the prosecutor

The person who has blamed you for domestic violence will have an attorney to prove their point. If you do not opt for a lawyer for yourself, you will be letting the accuser win without putting up a fight. Irrespective of your social stature, the law is the same for everyone in the city.

According to a 2013 survey, NSW is LGBTIQ-friendly. If you are a member of the LGBTIQ community and are charged by a partner or anyone else in the family construct, you are answerable to the court.

With the help of a lawyer, you can request to dismiss or reduce the charges. Since the professionals know the law and your rights, they can guarantee that you do not face unnecessary charges.

Save from hassle and unnecessary stress

An attorney will gather the information and evidence required to build the defense for your case. It also means that you do not have to handle this difficult task on your own. The lawyer will investigate the case, go through and assess all the associated documents to help you get an insight into the charges.

Here you must know that the NSW police drafts a brief of evidence and gives it to the lawyer in the form of photos, witness statements, and other such things. The attorney may conduct the investigation himself or deploy his team to do so.

Sometimes, further investigation proves that the convicted person was innocent. If all else fails, your lawyer may at least be able to work out a deal with the prosecutor to ensure that the case does not reach the Local Court or the District Court where the Office of the Director of the Public Prosecutions handles the case.

Now that you know why you should get domestic violence lawyers in Sydney to fight for you, contact a reliable professional without delay.

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