6 Awesome Hair Styling Accessories To Rock 2020

Every year comes with new trends that are overwhelming and appealing. From footwear to designer outfits and hair accessories, people cherish new and unique styles. Similarly, this year has a lot for women across the globe. Amidst all, never forget your hair, because they have a tremendous impact on your personality. Surprisingly, the stylists are talking about the revival of the old fashion trends. As they say, life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. So, if you are the 80s or 90s fan, prepare yourself to enjoy the praise and admiration for your extravagant ideas.

Have you been searching for that one alluring hairstyle to compliment your prom dress? Your attire is complete when you have seamlessly paired everything that you wear. Just like footwear and outfits, women love to try to incorporate different hair accessories for casual parties or international fashion shows.

So let’s gear up to enjoy some of the old fashion trends reviving this year.

Elle Hegarty, a renowned expert hairstylist, says, “This year is all about comebacks. Get ready to witness some of your number one trends revived and reimagined in 2020, because it is all about headbands and barrettes.”

Well, if it rings the bell to you, you have landed on the right page. Scroll down and find out what experts have said for this year’s hair styling accessories. The six most appealing and trendy ones have been narrowed down for you.


Generally, considered for the little girls, the oversized headbands are expected to be fashionable in 2020 and for the elder ones too. If you are a fan of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girls, you are lucky to have this trend.

The versatility of headbands is remarkable, making it a choice for every woman. You can use it on messy buns, loose curls, and even ponytails. Moreover, you can wear these headbands for fancy parties too. Choose pearly or floral headbands for a fancier look.


Are you a pearl girl? Thumbs up because a trend is there to make you happy. In 2020, the majority of accessories will have pearls to give them an enchanting appearance. Beads are the cutest items you can have. You can pin them up in fishtail braids, cornrow braids, buns, and even use them in headbands. If you like your hair open, part hair with pearls if you want. Brides are not the only ones to have a pearly hairstyle this year.


Now, what can be possibly done to make a simple ponytail or bun look prettier? Warmly welcome scrunchies from the 70s. Well, scrunchies never go out of fashion. However, this year is about scrunchies everywhere. From ramp walks to casual hangouts with friends, scrunchies will often be witnessed. Want to go out with friends? Messy buns or high ponytails with scrunchies can help. For fancy meetings, go for shiny or pearly ones.


Are you in search of the easiest yet trendiest hair styling accessory? Well, bows from the Edwardian era are making their way back today. Be it silk or net, bows are the essential hair accessory to find. Why? You can wear them anywhere and everywhere. They are easy to handle, and bows go with every outfit.

Apart from bows, you can also enjoy the ribbon and scarf style from the ancestors. These accessories come in several variations, and there are endless ways to incorporate them. You can use them for a half-up and half-down style or rock your bubble braid with these items.


Bought statement clips for your little? Great! You can use them too. Statement clips are another item trending this year. You must be having pearly hairclips, but just in case, if you don’t have them, buy them now. The 90s inspire not only pearls but most of the clips in 2020. Sounds cool, right? Bangs styled up nicely with pearly hairclips is what most girls want, and the elder ones can look younger with these clips.

Not finding the proper clips for yourself? You can also go for barrettes too. They are also trending this year.


This spring, your hair can blossom with the flowers. The year 2020 is warm-heartedly welcoming flowers as a hairstyling accessory too. They depict elegance wherever you go. Pin lilies in your braid or your favorite flower in the buns. You will look mesmerizing, and the limelight will be yours for the day.


Reliving your favorite eras is not so difficult anymore. From oversized headbands to scrunchies, all the classical hair styling accessories will be in action. Don’t panic if you have upgraded your wardrobe. You can still make a few functional changes in it. Consider these six best accessories to look trendy and attractive. These accessories would not demand a lot of effort and time from you. Enhance your looks and complete your attire with the most elegant yet classic hair accessories.

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