5 Reasons Magento is the Number One eCommerce Solution

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By Jaylin

The choice of a CMS for an online store depends not only on the success of the project and its payback, but also on popularity among customers, sales growth, correct work with the service, and the absence of problems and shortcomings in the program.

That is why the popularity of the e-commerce¬† Magento development services continues to grow steadily, despite the complexity of the installation and the not too low cost. After all, the main thing in this matter is the quality and breadth of the CMS capabilities. Today Magento is the most popular engine for creating online stores all over the world. On its basis, such giants of online commerce as Samsung, Gucci, Nestle, Lenovo, Nokia and many others were created and are successfully operating today. Let’s consider the advantages of this engine for creating an online store.

Focus on e-commerce

This platform is perfect for online trading, because it is able to realize almost any desire and requirement of the project owner. Initially, Magento has a very wide range of functions that programmers will not need to further refine. This means that launching a project on this platform will require minimal costs. The product catalog is managed automatically, with the following functions available by default:

  • step-by-step filtration;
  • grouping of kits;
  • last viewed and added products;
  • delivery;
  • basket;
  • several payment methods;
  • customer reviews and recommendations.

Search optimization

With the help of Magento, the online store quickly goes to the top of the search results, because the search engines are very supportive of this platform. Thanks to automated settings, the XML sitemap that search engines need will be generated independently. All this significantly increases website traffic and increases sales.

Use of marketing tools

Magento is very handy and helpful in developing and conducting marketing activities. The use of discounts, coupons, bestsellers, new products, and other marketing tools can increase sales and the average check.

Analytics and reporting

The Magento platform has a full range of reporting tools. This makes it possible to make almost any edits to optimize the site for the needs of buyers. These tools include:

  • rss feed for new orders;
  • tax report;
  • report on unpaid items in the cart;
  • statistics about products that are most often viewed on the site;
  • analysis of customer reviews;
  • reports on customers who buy more and more often;
  • statistics on discount coupons.

Catalog and its possibilities

Magento allows you to set individual settings, thanks to a flexible template management system. At the same time, buyers can quickly find the product they are looking for – ratings, statistics, reviews, and navigation at several levels help in this. Directory management gives you the following capabilities:

  • product label management (approval, deletion, and editing);
  • creation of virtual goods;
  • personalization of products;
  • automatic resizing of graphic images;
  • redirecting search results.

Virus resistance

Internet projects created on the basis of Magento are distinguished by stability of work, fast loading, and high resistance to virus attacks. The developers of this CMS are constantly improving their skills, sharing their experience, and maintaining communication, so the platform is regularly optimized, and clients are not tied to one developer.


The best developers from all over the world are working to improve the Magento platform. Forums, databases, special encyclopedias, and much more allow you to gain new skills and help in creating complex programs and projects.

Extensive template base

This CMS has a very extensive database of ready-made templates, themes, and modules. Due to this, the process of creating an online store will not require a lot of money and time. Some applications are developed for a fee, but many are free to use.

The thoughtfulness of the platform and its active use by world-famous companies speak of the reliability and high quality of the product.

The Magento platform is perfect for owners of large online stores, thanks to a wide range of options and additional extensions, as well as the possibility of individual customization.

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