5 Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee

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According to more than 18000 research studies done on coffee, it is the most widely used substance as far as caffeine is concerned. The real question that arises is whether coffee is good or bad for your health. A lot of research is being done by many institutions to come up with conclusive facts about coffee. If you have got such a research paper, get writing service from an expert. The following are some of the pros and cons of drinking coffee.

Pros of drinking coffee

Reduces chances of getting diabetic

Research has shown that drinking 3-6 cups of coffee every day can significantly reduce the chances of getting diabetic. If you have been drinking less than that, consider increasing.

Reduces fatigue

If you wake up and feel like your body is not ready for the day, just take a cup of coffee. The caffeine in coffee makes you feel more energetic. You are likely to perform more tasks after taking coffee.

It is suitable for your brain

Your brain cells need some essential nutrients for healthy growth. One of the primary sources of these nutrients is coffee. If you want to improve your brain performance, start taking 3-6 cups of coffee every day. It improves cognition.

It is good for your liver

The liver is a delicate organ, and if not taken care of, it is likely to be infected. An infection that is common with the liver is cirrhosis. Caffeine in coffee has a mechanism of preventing these infections. Make your liver healthy by drinking coffee.

It is good for fighting depressions

Research shows that caffeine in coffee can trigger the nervous system to produce hormones that improve your mood. If you feel as if you are depressed, try a few cups of coffee.

Cons of drinking caffeine

Sleep loss

Consumption of a large amount of coffee can cause sleep problems. If you must take coffee on a daily basis, make sure you drink it 6 hours before bedtime. An alternative to this is taking decaffeinated coffee.

Increases heart rate

Increased heart rate is hazardous for your body. It can cause death within seconds. If you suspect that the coffee you are drinking is increasing your heartbeat, stop as soon as possible.

Increases blood pressure

When your blood vessels are constricted, what results is increased blood pressure. Caffeine is not good for your blood pressure. Research has shown that people who take a considerable amount of coffee have high blood pressure.

Increased bone density

The density of your bone is important as far as your health is concerned. Too much caffeine triggers the production of bone marrow, which is not suitable for your health. If you must take coffee, drink the right amount.

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Weight gain

Caffeine causes fluctuation in blood sugars. The result is that your body craves for more sugar, which is not good for your health. The craving leads to the intake of sweets and fatty foods.

Bottom line

It is good to admit that coffee is sweet, and our bodies crave for it many times. As you drink it, take note of how your body is behaving to avoid dangerous effects. It is always good to prevent than cure.

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