Some of the Most Common Care and Exercise Methods to Practice after a Car Accident

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Accidents are becoming more and more common in the U.S. from the past few years. This means that the injuries resulting from a car crash may be different in each individual. Some of the most common injuries that your accident injury doctor is more likely to work on are whiplash injuries spinal injuries, joint problems, and the most dangerous ones being the head injuries that can have a long-lasting effect on your physical and mental health.

Even though all injuries are treated differently, certain things have to be similar on your road to recovery. One of the major things that you can implement and add in your regular lifestyle after a car accident is exercising.

While many people think that movement after an accident is not appreciated, gentle movements actually help you remain in a good physique as well as help your muscles get back in their regular shape. However, make sure to take proper bed rest for two weeks or until prescribed by the specialist before making exercises and movements.

If you have worked with a physical trainer or other sports therapy specialist, question them, too. Your therapist would have given you practical acts to reinforce and expand the wounded region.

You’re not allowed to go back to the sport and exercise until the discomfort, swelling, and tenderness have improved significantly. Trying to push you too fast might make the entire recovery process longer as well as worsen the injuries. Therefore, it’s important that you seek guidance of a professional.

Common Exercises aftera Car Accident


Stretching is necessary before any sort of intense exercise is done so your blood is pumping and your body and the muscles are all warmed up. This is especially significant when the injury is prevalent because your body is prone to more damage. Stretching before any physical activity can help deter more accidents. Stretching can also aim to regain the full range of motion.

While stretching may be quite useful after an accident, you do not stretch during the first 72 hours after the collision. Your body requires rest and stretching can bring undue stress to the wounded region.

Whiplash Exercises

If you are suffering from whiplash, which most of the accident victims are, you can try various workouts that involve the neck and upper spinal region. One of the most effective workouts to relax those muscles in the neck and upper spinal region is the performing of a perfect seated clasping neck stretch:

  • Get yourself seated on the chair or on the ground.
  • Clasp your both hands and carry both palms to the back of the head.
  • Seated with a wide back, your legs are tightly fixed to your position.
  • Now you may begin to gently push your hands down to your knees, tucking your chin to your chest.
  • Using the heels of your hands to force your head away from your neck while you push back and deepen your stretch
  • Keep tight for at least 30 seconds to a minute, and let your hands back to the original position.

Strength Exercise Program

Strengthening activities will help people who have been involved in a car crash recover energy, increase endurance, and reduce discomfort. While rest appears to be the best thing to do for: healing, moving, and exercise, it will help enable the recovery cycle even easier than lying in bed. That is how action and activity have blood flowing, supplying more fuel and nutrients to the injured regions.

Strengthening activities often aim to repair weak ligaments, tendons, and muscles that also protect other essential components in the body.


Cross-training is quite beneficial for the body after an accident especially it involves doing a range of exercises that function in various areas of the body — is important. It lets you keep healthy as the injured portion of your body regains its energy. It will even help you from being hurt again.

For starters, if you injured your knee when cycling, try to add a few low-impact exercises like swimming in your everyday routine.

For hand injuries, try going for point to point table tennis matches or even go for a hike to get those muscles moving.

Massage Therapy

Massage can provide a wide range of safety and recovery advantages after a car accident. Massages in parts of the body where discomfort arises from can help to alleviate stress by rising muscle spasms, inflammation, and tension. Massage therapy also promotes tissue regeneration and prevents scarring by increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Another advantage of relaxation is an improvement in joint strength owing to the physical rubbing of tissues and skeletal muscles around the joints.

Listen To the Signals Given By the Body

Minor pain is all right. If you experience a slight amount of discomfort while exercise, pressing beyond your current stamina will help the recovery process. However, it is important that you don’t feel any form of discomfort and an uncanny pain.

If the discomfort and pain continues to grow, it is important that you take this as a warning from your body and rest for a couple of days after resuming your workout.

If the pain doesn’t stop yet, it’s time to visit your accident injury doctor and he would support you in all means possible.


Getting a doctor-approved fitness routine is a huge benefit to other facets of your wellbeing and is definitely an important way of avoiding and healing complications from incidents. Yet the easiest way to remain alive is to be secure in the first place. No matter how good you are, take all the health measures you can.

And the most physically healthy individuals perish every day in traffic crashes. Just travel quickly and cautiously, carry seatbelts and watch for risks on the highways. Fitness is not a replacement for careful driving, but it may be a supportive sidekick.

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