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Within the SEO or the larger digital marketing space, keywords are the centerpiece of your efforts to get higher rankings. It’s important that your business is channeling adequate resources towards keyword research. Part of it revolves around discovering what your prospects and customers are searching for and their behavior trends when searching for your brand. You want your website to stand out compared to those of your competitors.

The digital marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. The more you choose to position yourself high up, the more the competition strangles your hold. Your website in such a situation needs to be your shield amid the noise. Your website will not perform above your competitors, if you are taking the backseat. If you choose to work tirelessly to get a serp tracker free tool, your site ranking will go up there. This will mean success and a commanding hold on the competitive edge. This is when you need to concentrate on consistent keyword research. You have free tools that will help you in such a quest. Here are 4 best free keyword research tools that you will need.

1. Google Correlate

This is one of the powerful research tools from Google, though it is usually ignored. Google Correlate works in a unique way to show you keyword clusters that are searched for together. It’s not practical that you will rank for the popular niche keywords. The big boys will already have dominated over. When you use Google Correlate, it becomes easier to find the keywords that users turn to find stuff. From here, it becomes easy for you to create content and map out strategies that help you make the most out of those keywords and related phrases. Google Correlate is the perfect research tool, if you want to grow your keyword list and reach out to a bigger audience.

2. Word tracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout is a reliable keyword research tool that works as a Chrome extension. You only need to introduce a specific webpage and it will highlight all the keywords dominating the said page. It’s less like keyword density checker, but with better features.

3. Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest is one of the easiest keyword research tools that deliver a host of keywords when you append letters at the end of your query. It enables you to identify and prioritize long tail keywords that can be used on your upcoming pages or on the main blog pages.

4. Keyword Eye

Keyword eye is a reputable research tool that provides you a complete suite that facilitates hassle free keyword research without charging you a dime. The tool lets you research and asses researched keywords based on language or country. It’s a premium quality tool that comes free. You can use the tool to research a specific keyword and its impact.

The tool presents research data in appealing visuals, and you can delve deeper to discover more about a given long tail keyword. You can discover keyword details in specialized queries that show how a given keyword performs in various search engines.

5. Spyfu

Spyfu is a handy keyword research tool that lets you spy on your competitors. There is a paid version, but you can make the free version work for you. The features helps you to determine the keyword and alternate keyword combos that are working for your niche. With Spyfu, it’s easy to analyze keywords and their queries in real time. You can quickly categorize keywords and use the negative keyword identification tools to your advantage. With Spyfu, you can boost productivity and save the time you are likely to spend assessing keywords manually.

Free but Impactful

It’s true that the 5 keyword research tools will add a positive vibe to your site in 2018. They are free but it doesn’t mean that they cannot help your SERP results go up. These tools are the best option to traditional key word research, and they will drive back torrential traffic to your website. You will need to think creatively, if you want to make the free keyword research tool work for your brand.

Even if the keyword research tools you employ are offered free of charge, you need not worry. They have the potential to identify popular keyword like any premium research tool. Use them to discover what your competitors are doing regarding keywords, and their metrics should help you move up the search results.

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