Yellow Teeth? 3 Important Aspects Know About Teeth Whitening

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Everyone wants a beautiful and flashy smile, but dental infections or lack of oral hygiene may cause teeth discoloration. In this regard, you can avail teeth whitening services from a reliable dentist. Teeth yellowing basically happen in the internal part of the teeth which is also known as the dentin. If your teeth appear brown, then it might be on the problem with your external teeth which is known as the enamel. Teeth whitening process is a cosmetic dental cleaning process which removes the yellowing elements from your dentin. But with the whitening of teeth, you cannot remove the stains from your external teeth, and in this regard, you need to procure dental checkup for fixing the issue. Teeth yellowing, and stains can be caused due to several reasons such as over consumption of tea and coffee, drinking wine and smoking. So apart from the whitening of teeth, you must avoid such bad habits to keep your teeth white.

Causes of teeth yellowing:

You need to know the cause of teeth discoloration and then go for the teeth whitening process. There are several causes for teeth yellowing and some of them are stated below:

  • After a certain age, your hairs become white and you can find some wrinkles on your skins. Likewise, a tooth yellowing is also an ageing issue, and you can remove the stains and yellowing layers from your teeth by teeth whitening process.
  • If you eat pigmented foods like, cherries and blueberries then some of your teeth might become yellow after a prolonged consumption of these fruits. Apart from that, teeth yellowing can happen due to smoking, consumption of wine, tea and coffee.
  • Food extracts can get deposited inside your teeth and you, acquire plaque and tarter problems. Apart from that, if you use fluoride at the early age then you are inviting teeth yellowing problems.
  • Even teeth yellowing can happen due some medicines and tetracycline is one of the main causes of teeth discoloration.

Why would you go for teeth whitening?

As stated earlier, everyone wants a a beautiful smile with white teeth and through teeth whitening process, you can get your confidence and self-esteem back, and you will look younger. Apart from that, people also prefer to clean their teeth before wedding and job interview. You need to stay hygienic and when you eat foods with yellowing and stained teeth, you will also face stomach related problems in the future. So, to get back your confidence and to make your presence strong, you must go for teeth whitening.

How to remove the sensitive issue after teeth whitening?

Today you can find plenty of dental clinics in your locality and you can consult them for teeth whiteningprocedure. But after this whitening process, you can feel some pain in your teeth and gum areas and you might suffer from sensitivity issues. To remove the pain, doctor will recommend using sensitivity toothpaste. These toothpastes contain potassium nitrate and they can provide instant relief from your teeth sensitivity. Apart from that, you can also use chew gums to distract your mind from teeth pain. Still, if you feel an acute pain then you can consult your dentist for further medication.

If you change your lifestyle and avoid some bad habits, then you do not need to go for teeth whitening at an early age. To procure strong and white teeth, you must avoid tea, coffee, wine, junk foods, candy and tomato sauce. Use straw while you drink beverages and always consult a dentist to clean your teeth and gum areas after every six months.

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