Been Wrongfully Terminated? Here’s What To Do Next

If you’ve been terminated from your job when you believe you shouldn’t have been, there are things you can do to defend yourself. Rather than stress about the situation, it’s important to take action. We’ve put together a list of steps to take so that you can move forward with your life, check them out below.

Consult An Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer will be able to help with wrongful termination. As soon as you’ve been fired from your position, contact a lawyer immediately. Depending on the state in which you work and live, some employers do have the right to fire staff with no explanation, however, they are not allowed to break any laws. Depending on the circumstances of your employment termination, a lawyer may be able to either get your job back or receive compensation for your situation.

Keep Evidence

Keep hold of all communications whether it be via email, text, or WhatsApp that may help prove that you were wrongfully dismissed. Check all of your work devices such as laptop, phone, and tablet. If you have proof of success in your role then these are a great asset and can be used to help demonstrate that you were a satisfactory employee and that your former employers had no good reason to fire you.

Discover Why You Were Fired

If you were let go without a good reason, find out why your bosses decided to fire you. Look for internal memos, reviews, and other documentation that may give you an indication of your termination of employment if your HR representative or manager isn’t forthcoming. If you are struggling to find out why you were let go, then try and at least find out who made the decision for you to leave. That may give you an indication in itself if the order has come from someone who dislikes you or has acted unprofessionally towards you in the past. You can use the evidence as part of your wrongful termination claim.

If your termination was anything related to your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or a disability, then you were terminated wrongfully and unlawfully so should take immediate action.

Keep Your Cool

It’s easy to lose your temper or lash out toward your former employers or former colleagues, but that may cause more harm than good. However, do make sure that you firmly stand your ground and let them know that you intend to file a wrongful claim against them if you have grounds to. Try as hard as possible to keep your cool. Keeping calm during communications will help your case that you are a professional and shouldn’t have been terminated in the first place.

Push For A Severance Package

If you do not wish to be rehired, aim to receive a severance package from your former employers. Have a meeting and bring your attorney so they can help you negotiate a package. Don’t take the first offer they put on the table. Make sure that you work out the best deal possible. You have lost your livelihood and should be compensated accordingly especially if you believe you were wrongly terminated.

Have you been wrongfully dismissed in the past? Share your experience in the comments to help others.

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