Workplace Munchies? 6 Ideas for a Welcoming Office Kitchenette

Is your office kitchen a little unappetizing? Are you wondering how you can spruce up your office kitchenette?

Your company kitchen can be a social spot where folks warm up their lunches and gather for some good gossip and downtime. It can also be an unattractive dumping spot for everyone’s dishes.

If you’re looking to make your office, kitchen more appealing, you can go for a beautiful brick wall backdrop, lights, and much more. Here are some of our favorite ideas for livening up your office chow routine.

Blend in

Today’s sleeker office kitchen styles don’t feature a microwave or fridge that juts out into the middle of the room. Instead, flat cabinets and sink modules blend into one synchronous, smooth, functional wall unit.

Neutral colors like white or light tones open up smaller spaces and make them appear bright and welcoming. Appliances in the same color complement space rather than becoming a focal point. 

Kitchen Counters

Unlike a traditional table and chairs, counter space with stools provides folks with a place where they can prepare their meals as well as socialize.

Neutral or white spaces that are accented with colored stools are a great way to start. You can also choose a wall as a bar-type counter for sitting since it will take up less room in the kitchen.

Add Coffee Machines

There’s a reason why coffee is such a popular morning beverage for modern workers. It can improve your cognitive function and memory. Coffee is also a great way to boost your mood before you get going.

Today, sleek single-cup makers allow employees to choose their own blend before they imbibe. Or you can purchase a traditional pot that will keep coffee brewing for your staff all day long.

An office coffee machine means your workers won’t be running out of the office for refills when they’re running low. It can also be a great way to encourage socialization.

Plenty of Water

Your employees need to drink plenty of water while they’re at work. Not staying hydrated can make it difficult for them to concentrate. This could lead to a significant lapse in productivity.

Dehydration could also lead to tiredness, headaches, and weight gain in your employees. A weary staff is not one that you’ll be happy to work with!

Filtered water makes sure folks are only getting pure water without contaminants. Purchasing bottled water for your entire staff regularly, however, can get expensive. 

Discount water filters for your office fridge such as the Electrolux water filter can keep your staff hydrated and happy all day long. And your budget will thank you too!

Add Chalkboards

Many modern office kitchen spaces have a sleek, commercial feel that opens up space and makes it feel energetic. Others, however, have a more rustic vibe that makes it seem more home-like.

If your office kitchen has a space that can function as a mini-bakery, consider dressing up your coffee and danish corner with flavorful teas and cute sweeteners. You may also wish to turn the backdrop into a chalkboard where you can let employees know the flavors of the day.

A chalkboard wall can also be a great spot to write reminders and plan social events. Your kitchenette can soon have the feel of a cozy coffee house.

Add Some Greenery

Plants can help to purify the air in your office. They can also help boost workers’ moods and add color to the room.

If you know no one will want to get stuck watering the plants, invest in some fake plants at a local home store. You may also want to place some colorful flowers in the middle of the office table.

Greenery makes a spot feel fresh and homey. It can help people feel more calm and relaxed, and it could even improve their memory and attentiveness. Your workers will feel like they’re getting a break during their lunch break!

The Benefits of Eating Together

Maybe you have one of those offices where everyone dashes out to get lunch on their own or chows down at their desks. While those may seem like easy ways to get your job done, there are benefits to taking time out to dine with your colleagues.

Talking with your coworkers about personal matters can facilitate communication, which may help you in professional ways as well. It can also give you a way to network with workers in other departments. This can give you inside knowledge into what’s going on in other parts of the office, and provide you with valuable contacts you may need later on.

Positive social interactions can serve to boost employees’ moods, which can improve the overall morale in your office. This can lead to an increase in productivity.

Eating together can also be a great way for workers to find common interests with their colleagues. They may share hobbies or have children of the same age. This can increase empathy and the feeling that “we’re all in this together.” 

If you want a staff that acts like a real team, encourage everyone to eat together when possible.

The Power of a Positive Office Kitchenette

Don’t let your office kitchenette get moldy and outdated. With a few simple design ideas, you could have a welcoming space that keeps your employees eating together each day. And that’s something worth drinking to!

Don’t stop getting savvy about your office space now. For more great lifestyle advice, make sure to read our blog today.

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