What Will Be Trendy Dress Code For Weddings During 2019

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2019 is going to be an exciting year in the world of fashion. We will see trends that are traditional and trends that are cutting edge. This year we will see timeless gowns with trending features. The combination is edgy and beautiful.

Wedding Gowns

This is the year for silk and satin. Very soft and feminine gowns that drape over the body are already a hit. We will see bridesmaids in silk dresses that feature camisoles with tiny straps. On the other end of the spectrum, look for lots of pleats. Pleated skirts will be showing up everywhere. Pleated skirts in everything from the mini to the sweeping gown will trend. They come in many patterns, but for the wedding, you may want to go with a solid and deep color. Metallic colors have been inching their way to the top for the past two years. This year try gold or rose gold bridesmaid dresses. If the wedding is late in the year, rust is a trending color. Gold bridesmaid dresses look stunning with a bride wearing ivory. Of course, the bride can wear gold and dress the bridesmaids in chocolate brown or creamy satin.

Wedding Gowns


Sleeves are big this year. You can choose the traditional long lace sleeves or for a more trendy look, try bell-sleeves. If you want less sleeve, try the cap sleeves. This is a simple addition that allows you to have a more modern cut while keeping with an understated and chic design.


There is never a year when bows were not in style for a wedding. Bows are not only feminine and pretty, but they can be used to accent the waist by wearing them on the front or back of the dress. This year bows are stepping forward. Bows will be seen on the top of each shoulder. They will be worn at the waist in the back with very long ribbons that trail to the hem. They can be at the top of the dress in the back, again with flowing ribbons. These bows will usually be in the accent color of the wedding. You will even see bows accenting shoes.


Royal Weddings

The recent royal wedding took the wedding industry by storm. If you think it is over, think again. You will be seeing princess brides at least through 2019. Tierras will be worn alone or with a light veil. Princess cut gowns with full skirts, plunging necklines, and tight lace sleeves are in demand. Some brides are wearing long tiers to add volume to the full skirts. Others are wearing a mermaid cut with a fuller than usual flare at the bottom.

Rocking the fashion boat

There is another trend that is standing proud. This is for the bride who doesn’t conform to tradition. Look for pant-suits. You may see jumpsuits as well. These are going to have bead work or sequins from top to bottom. While some brides will wear white, the trend is going to be a subtle pattern like a slight stripe on the fabric, accented with beads or tiny pearls.

As you can see, the trends for 2019 are across the board. There is literally something for everyone. This year is the year that the couple can design their wedding any way they like and be on the cutting edge of style.

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