Top Tips to Leverage Instagram for Winning More Website Design Clients

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Did you know that Instagram reached a whopping one billion users with another 500 million logging in every day? It is a statistic of June 2018, so the data is quite recent. You can understand how popular Instagram is. The photo-sharing site is a web designer’s best bet with minimum clickable links. You will have to make the most out of these links, drive traffic to your web pages, and change users to loyal web design clients.

Yes, you can use the Instagram features to win maximum design clients. According to an article published on, you can use Instagram photos and videos to boost sales and conversion rates. Read on to learn how you can use the photo-sharing site to win web design clients.

Instagram shopping

Shopping on the photo-sharing site lets users with business profiles to link to their products right away. Though this feature is not the best fit if you sell services, but good enough for tangible products. If not sales, at least you can promote your best designs using this feature. A web designer can display some web design templates created by him to drive quality traffic to his site. Some may like to buy the templates if the design is unique and outstanding. When you have more traffic, you can gain real Instagram followers who would like to inquire about your web design services. After all, the design is a concept and intangible. Therefore, you need to drive sales indirectly using Instagram.

Images sell

Visuals capture notions, emotions, and concepts that suits digital users today. People like to click on images more than a hyperlinked text. That is because pictures have long attention spans. The most essential link on the photo-sharing site is the link of your website on your profile page. Instagrammers often talk about the link in bio, link in profile in some image captions or videos. They are referring to that website link. Instagrammers have an inclination to swap out the link when they want to click on a call-to-action. It lets their followers access that specific page. However, you can drive direct traffic to a page at one time and not all the pages.


You must learn where the traffic is directed to your website. Remember that the photo-sharing site will not show as a referral source. You can use analytics to figure out the performance of your links. Some providers provide such analytics, and the information will be retained by that provider in question. Using the tools, you can determine whether Instagram is driving quality traffic to your website or not. Leveraging redirect tools or adding links in captions even if they are not clickable may make you undervalue the traffic your Instagram marketing efforts are generating.


Now that you know how to grow your web design business and win loyal clients, you must make an effort to promote your designs through Instagram. Use its best features for getting desired results.

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