Who can be held liable in a drunken driving accident?

Drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol have more chances of getting into an accident than the ones who drive slowly or soberly. This is because alcohol affects the ability of a driver to control their car, respond to change in the environment and track the near surroundings. Drunk driving is risky which leads to death every 50 minutes.

Who will be responsible if someone is killed or injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver? Many different parties are responsible for fatalities or injuries that take place in a drunken-driving accident. Take a look at when each of them could be held liable.

Social gatherings

Restaurants and bars are not the only places where people drink. Most of them consume alcohol in their private space when coming behind the wheel. Any person serving alcohol privately is considered as the social host, and in many cases, the host can be liable for a drunk driving victim’s injuries.

The laws vary state-to-state. Social host laws don’t include anything about the drunk driver being intoxicated when they were getting served. In this case, a social host can be liable if there will be no signs of intoxication when the alcohol was served.


Various drivers consume alcohol at a restaurant, bar, or any other public place when they start driving. In many accidents, the vendor who offered or supplied alcohol to a driver can prove to be liable for the injuries of a victim.

The laws where the vendor will be liable is called dram shop laws. There’s only the law of serving minors alcohol. It means a vendor will not be responsible if the driver is above the age of 21 and is intoxicated.

If you want to prove the vendor liable, it can be challenging to do so and it is better to hire the law and go through these 6 tips when finding a car accident lawyer. An attorney can help you in many ways.

The evidence will be needed so that proofs can be collected against the vendor. For vendor liability, it is essential considering the experienced attorney.

A drunk driver is usually liable for the victim’s injuries in a car accident. It is because the law states that if a victim is injured because of someone else’s negligence, the victim has the right to hold the other party liable.

It is essential to identify all liable parties in such cases so that you can be sure about the compensation. But, since the laws can confuse you regarding drunk driving, it is better to hire a car attorney who can determine the case and let you know who will be liable.

Have you been injured lately in a drunk driving accident? If this is the thing, contact the professional now to discuss your case and the possibilities that come with it. The lawyer will fight tirelessly for the compensation that you deserve. Let them handle the legal aspect and you focus on recovering from the injuries.

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