What Are Your Options If You Have A Police Record

Having a police record is truly a hindrance, especially when you are trying to make progress in your career. You don’t want to lie about your past, and doing so can lead to further issues down the line. There are, however, options to consider if you do have a police record.

Seek Employment That Is More Lenient

Although Police checks are used as a means of filtering candidates. And ensuring the safety of their employees, staff, and potential customers. There are many sectors or industries where having such a record is a bigger concern than others. You have to consider the job and the industry. If a job involves working with children, the elderly, or at-risk and vulnerable people, such concerns are more legitimized. Other jobs that work with the general public or even with indirect contact with customers and clients may still do a record check but not be as strict when it comes to choosing candidates. If you are looking for work without a specific career or sector in mind, seek employment in specific industries that are more lenient with their filter. And review process can help increase your chances of securing a job.

Start Your Own Company

Finding employment can be difficult when you have a criminal history that potential employers can review and judge you by. For some individuals, securing long-term employment may be more difficult than others. If you have the means and financial flexibility to start your own business. And this can be a great way to not only gain security with a consistent income but also gain employment independence. Starting or running your own business means that you are basically your own boss and that you don’t have to be vulnerable to the same types of checks that other employers might enforce during their hiring process. It will require a significant amount of capital in most cases. 

Seek Legal Counsel

As mentioned, many employers will utilize background checks to review if you have any sort of police records. If you do have certain disputes, it is useful to be in contact with an experienced criminal appeals attorney, as they can ensure that your rights are met when it comes to employment opportunities. It is understandable that businesses will implement measures to protect themselves, their employees, and other individuals that they work with.

However, it is still important that the use of background checks are reasonable for the positions that need to be filled. And you have to understand that some sectors will be highly cautious of their candidates. Even if you do have a police record, it is important to evaluate the type of offenses that are detailed in the report. And as it might be smaller misdemeanors or factors that are irrelevant to the job at hand. It is best, to be honest, and upfront with your history, and only when you feel there is reason to question the interviews. Or evaluations for being wrongfully prejudiced can you then take action.

Become A Contractor 

Similar to building your own company, another option would be to become your own boss in a different way and become an independent contractor. There are many job occupations that allow you to work mostly freelance. And take on jobs within your schedule, working under specific conditions as you see fit. Some jobs often associated with contracting include photographers and writers. There are plenty of industries that hire professionals on a project-to-project basis. And criminal checks aren’t required for such positions. Keep in mind that while some options are available to contract your services. Others will require a background check like some of the more popular food and delivery services that hire contract drivers. It is important that you review the different requirements of specific industries and jobs.

Getting Police Records Erased

If you do have minor offenses or smaller misdemeanors, one option you might have is to get your record expunged. This will vary depending on your location or region, as there are states. And cities that allow you to effectively remove such records. This will allow you to be able to legally respond no in job interviews that ask if you have a criminal history. This is another situation to seek out legal advice from a lawyer that understands the workings of employment rights and laws.


It is not easy to seek work with criminal charges on your record. This can have a significant impact on your career, finances, and life. But there are ways to address this, and it is most likely in your best interest to learn exactly how to do so.

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