What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges and Their Treatment Procedures?

If you stay in Selkirk and have been suffering from tooth decay, which manifests through heightened sensitivity, bad breath, toothache, and black spots, it’s time to book an appointment with a selkirk dentist who will protect you from all oral problems.

Most people in Selkirk, Manitoba, have severely damaged teeth for various reasons, including high soda consumption and sugary drinks. The rate of consumption is far higher in children and young adults. Most dentist visits involve a root canal treatment, followed by a dental crown or bridge placement.

But what the process involves, and what are some things you should know about these treatments? Find out in this article.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns replace missing or decayed teeth, but dentists also use them to restore many small teeth. Crowns are effective on baby teeth through adult molars and premolars.

The crowns come in different sizes depending on what needs repairing or replacing. Depending on your budget and needs, you can get either one-piece or multiple-piece dental prosthetics made from porcelain fused with amalgam or gold alloy materials.

A dental crown in Selkirk, Manitoba, will cost you between 900 CAD to 1300 CAD. Porcelain crowns cost between 800 to 1400 CAD, while metal and gold ones cost less.

Process for such treatment


The dentist will clean your teeth. Cleaning is essential because it removes any plaque or tartar that may be present on the surface of your enamel, making it easier to make a mold with plaster or cement later on.

Making a cast

The dentist will cast your teeth by taking impressions in clay (or other material). It helps them see exactly how you want your new tooth to look! Once they have this information about what kind of crown(s) you want, they can start working on creating one(s).

They will use materials like porcelain fused onto metal wire frames which hold them securely in place while also providing support so that nothing falls out when eating/swallowing food again.

Placement of the crown

Finally, the dentist will place the crown firmly using anesthesia.

What are dental bridges?

A bridge is a removable prosthesis that replaces any missing tooth and supports the surrounding healthy ones. The dentist will place it between two adjacent teeth, usually on top of both or just one.

Bridges are often made from porcelain fused to metal brackets; however, ceramic bridges may also be used depending on their strength and durability requirements.

A dental implant bridge in Selkirk, Manitoba, costs 800 CAD to 1200 CAD with an insurance plan. However, without insurance, the costs can increase between 2000 CAD to 3000 CAD.

Types of dental bridges

Fixed partial bridge

A fixed partial bridge is a dental bridge fixed to the teeth. It can replace a missing tooth or cover gaps in your smile.

These bridges are made from porcelain, so they resist decay and plaque buildup over time. The material also makes them strong enough for chewing—you won’t need dentures after all! Most people opting for bridges in Selkirk opt for porcelain bridges compared to others.

Implant-supported complete bridge

This type of dental bridge is used to replace one or two missing teeth. It’s made of metal, porcelain, or composite material and anchored to your tooth with cement. The implant-supported complete bridges are designed to look like natural teeth.

A Selkirk dentist will help you get a crown or bridge, depending on your oral condition. They will ensure your tooth is protected, solid, and secure to withstand the daily grinding and pressure while helping you maintain proper oral hygiene.

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