Ways you could become more financially independent – here are some low-cost start-up ideas

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When it comes to being financially independent, a plan is a necessity. You will not only have to see your end goal but work out a method of how to get there. Initially, you should have at least three different areas of funding available to you. This is so that if one drops off or becomes stagnant, you are not placed in a world of stress and trauma due to not having any income source.

Of course, the best business models to try firsthand are those that you will not have to lay out start-up fees for or be retrained. Using the resources at your fingertips and your own knowledge, experience, or skillset will make the role more enjoyable to you and keep more dimes in your pocket from the outset.

#1 Virtual Assistant

Many small-time businesses or self-employed people are on the lookout for a virtual assistant. This is due to the fact they do not necessarily have the funds to employ a full-time receptionist, nor can they specify what sort of times a receptionist could be required.

The role of a virtual assistant is to be able to answer telephone calls, book appointments, answer basic text messages or emails, and relay customer queries, comments, and complaints to the relevant person. There may also be a bit of typing involved and or bookkeeping. As a rule, you would not necessarily have just one small-time business that you provide this service for but a few to make up your daily or weekly working hours.

#2 Shipping Driver

Shipping work need not be about pallet loads. You are likely to find that there is an abundance of small-scale shipping work that customers require to be carried out on their behalf. This can comprise deliveries that have little consequence to those that are referred to as hot shot trucking deliveries, this means that they are time-sensitive.

To do this, you will not necessarily need to have a truck or a van; in some cases, you could find that all you will need is your family car or motorcycle. It all depends on what size and weight of parcels you will be willing to ship. With shipping brokers offering load boards, your shipment size and location are totally up to you.

#3 Dog Walker

If you are a lover of furry four-legged friends that go woof, then there is nothing better than being a dog walker. No doubt you will have to have additional insurance to cover if a dog in your possession bites someone, is involved in an accident, runs away, or is stolen, but in this little business, you will find that your hourly rate is up to you. If you are happier, you can walk one dog at a time, putting your earnings at basic or multiplying your hourly rate by walking a small pack. However, with this in mind, you should make sure that you can control the dogs when they are in your care, as pack mentality can get out of control very quickly.

#4 Furniture Assembler

If you are a dab hand at putting together flat-packed furniture, you will soon find that there are a lot of people that most certainly are not. This can be a great way to add additional funds to your account, especially if you enjoy the challenge of the instructions that are usually included. People will pay handsomely for this frustrating and time-consuming job to be completed by somebody else, and you could very well find that you have a growing customer base in no time.

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