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The Korean web novel Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers falls under the fantasy and romance genres. Prior to the birth of the baby princess, certain details about her are revealed through the status window spoilers. The first is her name, followed by the predetermined locations of her birth, which include your castle, a nearby settlement, an ice-covered island, or a mountainside.

Furthermore, as an orphan, she is not entitled to any of the kingdom’s riches or resources, and her upbringing will be decided by you and your royal court. Lastly, the status window spoilers suggest that the tiny princess is extremely vulnerable to attacks and will require your constant protection.

Plot Summary of Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoilers

The plot of “Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoilers” spans 81 chapters, and can be summarized as follows:

The story revolves around a princess who has suffered severe abuse at the hands of her servants from a young age. She has been starved, abandoned, and manipulated in order to make her a “perfect” princess. Eventually, she is left behind by her abusers, who proceed to cause chaos and commit crimes while blaming her for everything.

After dying, she is reborn at the age of three and gains the ability to see “status windows,” which reveal people’s innermost thoughts. She soon discovers that people’s thoughts often differ from their outward appearances. For example, her father, whom she considers intimidating, is actually quite fond of her. Meanwhile, the kind maid who raised her in her previous life was actually abusive towards her.

Moreover, as she grows, she comes to realize that her abusers had been manipulating her for their own gain. She also seeks to identify those responsible for her abuse and execution in her previous life, likely including the Empress, whom the princess had believed to be the only person who was kind to her.


In conclusion, the story of the baby princess as depicted through the Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoilers is both remarkable and poignant. While baby princesses may often be overlooked, the spoilers give us a glimpse into their extraordinary nature. As these children grow and face challenges, they will inevitably encounter obstacles that only experience can teach them how to navigate.

Through their struggles, baby princesses learn to become resilient women who can empathize with the difficulties of others. We are grateful for the opportunity to have heard this touching account.

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