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Walgreen company, name is enough to introduce itself to the world. It is the second largest US pharmacy chain company, just behind CVS Health. It also claimed a considerable part of the world health medicine chain supply and retail chain. Moreover, Walgreen pharmacy specialized in different sections like filling prescriptions, neighbor health, wellness products, and beauty retail chaining all over the country. As of the latest report, it offers customer satisfaction, almost 8 million per day from online to offline both ways. The base center of Walgreens pharmacy hours is in Chicago suburban, Illinois.

As of 31st August 2019, Walgreen’s company controlled almost 9300 pharmacies in different states, for instance, Columbia, the USA, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. And they also entered the online market by launching a new portal namely Walgreens.com. However, the company started its operation in 1901 in Chicago city.

Pharmacy hours Walgreens provides different services, for instance, mail service, pharmacy specialties, and store offers clinics around the US. However, in the year 2014 Walgreens and a swiss based company Alliance Boots merged and formed a new company Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. Therefore, Walgreens became a subsidiary company of the newly formed company.

History Of Walgreens pharmacy hours-

Walgreen pharmacy hours began its service in 1901. They started with a small shop on the side of Bowen and Cottage Grove Avenues in the city of Chicago. Charles R Walgreen started this shop. By the year 1913, Walgreens already spread 4 stores on the south side of Chicago. Moreover, they already completed 20 stores in the year 1919.

In the year, 1920,  govt prohibited alcohol. That year is a very successful year for Walgreen. Although Alcohol is illegal that that time, prescribed alcohol was easily available on the market. They sold prescribed whiskey and that too was a very big margin. In addition, they started a malted milkshake drink, which led Walgreens to establish a new company. And thereafter, by the year 1930, they already open almost 400 stores including many residential areas. Moreover, their annual sales reached almost $4,000,000.

Products & Services-

  The company expanded its service to many fields, for instance, filling prescriptions, health-related various information, different wellness products, photo services, and different other health-related prevention services. Other than that, toilet paper, skincare, cosmetic products, vitamins, groceries, household products, and many more. You can avail of all these products from the nearest store to your house or go to Walgreens hours nearest store.

Walgreens pharmacy hours-

In the covid time, social distancing is a must thing to do. However, keeping health worker safe from the pandemic to give continuous service to customers is also the main challenge. Therefore, Walgreens hours changes its running hours to keep crew member safe during covid 19 pandemic. They come with a notice of their rescheduling the operation time. Almost every Walgreens store including 24 hours shop are now open from 9 am on the morning and it will run till 9 pm.

Opening Time Of Walgreens Pharmacy-

Walgreen pharmacy hours is depending on the local time and locality. The time is set to as the shop can use to maximize the running time. usually, the store opens at 9 am on weekdays. However, some stores start at 8 am, to give the best time for customers. On the other hand, on the weekends, Walgreen pharmacy hours most often started at 10 am.

Closing Time Of Walgreens Pharmacy-

Similar to opening hours, closing hours also depend on several conditions. There are generally different instances found for different stores. For instance, most stores run their service till 9 pm. However, some worked afterward till 10 pm. Moreover, some places also worked till midnight 12 am. On the other hand, at the weekend time, pharmacy hours Walgreens worked as long as 6 pm.

24 Hours Walgreens Store-

Some of the Walgreens stores are operated 24 hours. It is beneficial for many people however, the number of that stores is very minimal. To know where are the types of stores, you should check the store locator of Walgreens hours.

Holiday Hours-

Almost every store remains open on holiday. The list includes Easter Day, Columbus Day, Good Friday, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and New Year.

Walgreens pharmacy Hours Near Me-

You might not know where is the nearest Walgreens pharmacy. There are several ways to locate the store-

Google Maps-

Google maps are the best way to find something nearest to you. Pharmacy hours Walgreens is not different. You just need to turn on the location on your device and search for the nearest Walgreens pharmacy. Google will do the search and give the best results on your screen.

Store Locator-

The store Locator is another option to find the nearest store. Almost every big company use store locator to satisfy their customer. You just go to the official website of the store locator and log in and go to the store locator option.

Contacts Of Walgreens-

The official number of Walgreen is 1-800-925-4733. It is a toll-free number. Or you can go to the official website through mail or website.

Brands & Services-

The Walgreen alliance brands are on the way to different sectors.

Almus PharmaceuticalsMedications
Big RollToilet Paper
Be JollyHoliday
Complete HomeHousehold
Finest NutritionVitamins
Modern ExpressionsHoliday
Liz EarleSkincare
Patriot CandlesCandles
Sleek MakeUPCosmetics
Soap & GloryCosmetics
Smile & SavePaper Towels
Well BeginningsBaby
Well at WalgreensHealthcare
West LoopClothing
WexfordOffice Supplies


If you are going to the nearest store, you can search for it on google. Also, you can search Walgreens pharmacy hours, for better service. However, they faced a lot of allegations in their journey, but they expand their products to different sectors.

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