Used Farm Equipment – Better Than Buying New?

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Buying new equipment for almost any business tends to be very expensive. Although there are obvious advantages to buying new, there are alternatives that can save you a great deal of money. This is particularly pertinent in the farming industry where brand new equipment can cost thousands of dollars which could possibly be put to better use elsewhere.

Farm equipment, by its very nature, is robust and durable so second hand equipment (providing it’s fit for purpose and not damaged) really can deliver the same results as brand new equipment. When looking for used agricultural machinery for sale, it might be worth getting someone on side with an engineering background. Although it is relatively easy to check the general condition of a piece of equipment, the internal workings may need the eye of an expert to ensure the equipment is as good as it looks. Please see below for a list of possible reasons why buying second hand farm equipment may work for you and your business.

The Cost – As previously mentioned, used farm equipment is generally much cheaper than buying new, and you may be able to find some even better deals in the off season for whatever jobs you are doing. Second-hand dealers will often want to offload out of season inventory, and you may be able to table an offer they’ll perhaps accept. Various things such as unfavorable weather and falling prices put farmers in a position where they have to cut costs and looking at second hand equipment is a great place to start.

Back Up Equipment – If you have machinery that is currently firing on all cylinders and performing as it should, you may not give a second thought to buying some back up equipment, but what if you have a problem with your machinery? Could you borrow from another farmer quickly? Farming is seasonal and any delay in a given job could mean the difference between a successful crop and a disaster, so it could be a good idea to buy some backup equipment as part of your business crisis management plan.

Quality Guaranteed – If you buy from a reputable dealer, they will have checked and serviced the equipment from top to bottom before they offer it for sale. You are not taking a blind risk when buying used equipment and they will usually include some sort of guarantee for your peace of mind.

Sell on Value – If you have purchased some second hand equipment for a one off job or have a lack of storage, you can sell it on. The dealer where you bought it might buy it back from you or you may know of other farmers who need the same piece of equipment.


If you need to cut costs or only need a piece of farm equipment for a limited time, buying second hand may be the ideal solution. If at all possible, go through a well-known used farm equipment dealer who will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide ongoing support if you need it.

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