Top Tips to Choose the Best Gas Grill Covers

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If you love to enjoy some outdoor barbeque with family and friends, a quality gas grill is your best bet. Then, you need to keep it covered with a grill cover to protect it from dirt, dust, and moisture. The cover must also fit the gas grill perfectly. Though you will find many covers in the market, not all meet expectations.

Gas grills and smokers are best for your backyard cooking sessions. According to an article published on, Americans have a penchant for outdoor cooking and with the onset of summer, people start dining outdoors in their backyard. Then, you need to look for the best grill covers to make the appliance last for a long time. Here are a few top tips to help you:

Opt for premium covers

We recommend that you splurge when it comes to your gas grill cover. Choosing standard ones will not help you because you cannot compromise with the gas grill or smoker you have bought. The benefit of a quality grill cover is that it fits seamlessly. These covers are made of tough materials but not heavy. Opt for lightweight materials made from long-lasting polyester so that you can use it for 5-10 years without the need to replace the cover every year.

Then, you must choose a product that does not have holes and prevents rainwater or moisture to damage your gas grill. Even if you buy a cover with holes, make sure you keep your gas grill or smoker under a covered place in your backyard. It is important that you look for waterproof gas grill covers to avoid snow or rain damage.

Quality to increase the durability of your grill

A quality grill cover would help in keeping your smoker looking new and strong 10 years or more. You must cover the outdoor cooking grill after use when the appliance has cooled off. Many think that a grill cover would result in rusting, which is a complete misconception. If you have a stainless steel grill, make sure you keep it covered after each cooking session. It will help to prevent the corrosive elements and lawn chemicals from entering and reacting on the metal and resulting in tarnishing. The rusting might occur due to inappropriate grill usage and not the cover.

Do not choose flannel-lined or felt-lined grill covers. That is because mice and other squirrels would use the cover fabric for their nesting matter. The rodents would tear away the fabric, and your grill cover will be in a tattered condition soon. Opt for unlined vinyl, oilcloth, weather-resistant nylon, or polyester cover.

Avoid buying poor-quality grill covers at a cheap price

You might get inferior gas grill covers at a throwaway price, but you will end up taking home a flimsy material that gets worse after one season or single-use. Therefore, choose expensive gas grill covers for more durability. Cheap grill covers are heavy and difficult to slip it on and off your gas grill.


Keep these tips in mind when shopping for gas grill covers for your outdoor BBQ needs. Toss up delicious meals in your backyard.

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