The 5 Best Ways To Unlock The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat

Snapchat has come to be paramount with fun and creativity and is well-known for its captivating qualities, including filters and lenses. In this app, you may send pics, videos, and chat along with your friends and followers. According to Snapchat, around 2.5 million lenses have been created for the app. But there is one mainly beautiful lens that has captured the hearts of many customers the Butterflies lens. But the only trouble that appears right here, the lens isn’t always unlocked for users. In this text, we’re going to speak about the quality methods for unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat and also research tips for the usage of it correctly.

Snapchat lenses

Snapchat lenses have extended their popularity day by day and users can easily apply them to their selfies and videos. These lenses range from funny animations to stunning visual effects, that share a great excitement with Snapchat users. One of the maximum dynamic lenses is the butterfly lens. When it is time to release the lens, it’s far bothering with some issues, but no worries, we’re right here to solve your problem in just a few minutes. Let’s have a look at below.

What is the Butterflies lens on Snapchat?

Before knowing how to Unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat, first, you need to know what is the butterfly lens. It is a laugh clear out that provides fluttering butterflies on your images to give them a magical look. It’s ideal for bringing a little pleasure into your snapshots and movies, whether you’re recording unique activities or regular life.

How To Unlock The Butterflies Lens – 3 Effective Methods

Method 1: Using Snapchat’s Built-In Features

The most effective way to unlock the Butterflies lens is by gaining access to it through Snapchat’s built-in lens carousel. To do that,

  • Open the Snapchat app,
  • Switch to the display screen,
  • Then tap on the smiley face icon, next to the capture button
  • From there, scroll until you find the Butterflies option.

Method 2: Through Snapcode

Another method for unlocking the Butterflies lens is via scanning a Snapcode. Snapcodes are specific QR codes that can be scanned inside the Snapchat app to release special content material, along with lenses. If you come across a Snapcode for the Butterflies lens online or from a friend, simply,

  • Open Snapchat,
  • Point your camera at the Snapcode, and
  • Tap on the display screen to free up the lens.

Method 3: Unlocking Via Lens Explorer

Lens Explorer is a feature inside Snapchat that allows customers to find and unlock new lenses created through the network. To discover the Butterflies,

  • Swipe up from the display screen to get admission to the Explore feature,
  • Then tap on the smiley face icon to open the Lens Explorer.
  • From there, use the search bar to search for the Butterflies lens and free up it with an easy tapping.

Method 4: Ask To Your Friend

You can also unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat by requesting your friend who owns the butterfly lens. Simply,

  • Request for sharing the link
  • Then, open Snapchat by tapping the link
  • The lens is now in your Lens Carousel.

Method 5: Unlock It With Someone’s Story

Additionally, you can download the butterfly lens from someone’s story or a snap shared during a discussion on Snapchat. In both cases, the procedure is essentially the same.

  • Upon receiving a snapshot taken with this lens, you will notice a “Try Lens” button directly under it. Pressing on it will enable you to use the lens.
  • You can try it by tapping on the filter icon in the upper left corner of stories that have already been run through this filter. This should make it simple for you to access Snapchat’s butterfly lens from someone’s story.

Tips For Using The Butterflies Lens Effectively

Once you’ve unlocked the Butterflies lens, here are some tips for making the most of its stunning effects:

Tip 1: Experiment with different angles

You can try catching snaps from various forms to see how the butterfly’s lens provides different lighting backgrounds.

Tip 2: Incorporate natural light for better results

To fully capture the image of the fluttering butterflies, think about taking pictures outside or putting yourself close to a window. Natural light can highlight the beauty of the butterfly’s lens.

Common issues

While unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat is generally a smooth experience, you may face some common issues including:

Lens not appearing in the app

Try restarting Snapchat or updating to the most recent version of the app if you’re having problems finding the Butterflies lens in the app.

Poor quality

Verify that enhanced reality capabilities are turned on in your device’s camera settings if the Butterflies lens isn’t functioning as it should. To guarantee optimum functionality, you should also consider cleaning the camera lens of your device.


Can I use the Butterflies lens on any device?

Yes, the Butterflies lens is available with many smartphones and can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

Is the Butterflies lens free to use?

Yes, the Butterflies lens is free to use and doesn’t require any additional purchases.

Does unlocking the Butterflies lens require an internet connection?

Yes, you’ll need an active internet connection to unlock the Butterflies lens.

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