Understanding Skin Damage – Here Are Some Basic Steps To Combat Aging

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From the pollution in the air to your diet and work stress, there are many factors that cause your skin to suffer. Are you noticing certain changes in the texture and feel of your skin? Do not let things slide when you have the chance to arrest the bad changes and replenish your skin so it stays young.

Thankfully, there is a lot of research in the field of skin care and protection from toxic agents and this has resulted in a wide range of effective products.

The article from Siorai entitled Anti Aging Supplements Vs. Anti Aging Serums explains that both anti-aging supplements and anti-aging serums help fight and protect you from free radicals, which are damaging to your skin.

As we move along, let us learn about your skin’s biggest enemy – free radicals.

How Do Free Radicals Cause Skin Damage?

Free radicals are ultra-reactive molecules or atoms – they will fuse with the molecular structure of your skin cells and cause damage. They are toxins that are produced in the process of oxidation. Anti-oxidants are the agents that are used to prevent damage by free radicals – they react and neutralize the free radical. This is why foods high in antioxidants are recommended by all doctors and dieticians.

Free radicals cause damage to all organic tissue, including your skin. By causing extensive harm to your skin DNA, these free radicals quicken the aging process. Some of the visible damage from free radicals includes spots on your skin, discoloration, and saggy skin. Free radicals damage the collagen present in your skin and cause wrinkles to appear.

Basic Pointers To Fight Free Radicals

As mentioned above, , foods high in antioxidants will help defend your body (including your skin) from free radicals. Vitamins A, C, and E are some of the most effective anti-oxidants. Add lots of tomatoes, citrus fruits and grapes to your diet.

A daily cup of green tea is recommended. When looking for anti-aging creams and related skin products, make sure you study the ingredients properly. The main base for such solutions would be antioxidants and other free radical fighting agents and properties.

Constant hydration is very important for skin health. The body concentrates on maintaining essential functions when it is starved of food and water so your skin suffers the earliest when you are not drinking enough water or eating the right food. Avoid habits that dehydrate your body – the most prominent being the intake of alcohol and caffeine-heavy beverages.

If you are exposed to toxic climes – e.g. your city’s air pollution levels are at concerning levels, then there are higher chances of free radical exposure. The same applies to those who work in areas where there is a lot of smoking. Harsh sunlight also damages skin. UV rays cause pigmentation. This is why sunscreen is very important – a lifesaver even.

Skin care is very important. Apart from the obvious physical benefits of healthy skin, it also adds to your self-confidence. Incorporate the best habits to stay fresh and learn to identify the bad signs.

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