UK getaways: Your top tips for small children

It is the classic, British holiday that has almost been forgotten. After all, over the last couple of decades most Brits have been used to jetting off on a budget flight to the Costa del Sol (or any other given alternative).

The current worldwide situation means that holiday trends are changing and if anything, a degree of nostalgia is entering the picture. Brits are starting to visit all of the places that they historically used to – and allowing their little ones to sample these delights!

Of course, the tips associated with a local trip vary substantially compared to one involving a plane. As such, whether you have booked a hotel in Swansea or Blackpool, today’s guide will take a look at some generic tips that can help you plan your UK, family escape.

Location, location, location

We might be in the peak of summer, but anyone who has lived in the UK for a prolonged period of time will know all about the UK’s turbulent weather conditions. In short, the forecasts can’t be trusted!

It means that your choice of location is crucial. A trip to a seaside resort might sound perfect on paper, but research whether or not there are any nearby indoor activities to visit as well. Quite often, these resorts are surrounded by a wealth of attractions, but making sure you have a Plan B is one of the best ways you can approach the typical family holiday.

There are still travel considerations

You might not have to jump on a plane with the family, but there are other considerations.

One of these is the dreaded UK rush hour. Suffice to say, if you’re traveling at peak times, be prepared for an extended journey (and a lot of “are we nearly there yet” questions!).

Of course, if at all possible, try and avoid these times. Anything early in the morning, or around 4pm, is asking for trouble. If you simply can’t, then at least take along all of the standard car entertainment that usually keeps your little ones occupied. Unfortunately, cars aren’t quite as interesting as planes, and the holiday can get off to a stressful start before you’ve even arrived in your location of choice.

You don’t have to overload the car

One of the great advantages of the Great British Holiday is the lack of baggage restrictions. As we all know, airlines have tightened this up over the last few years, and it means that most of us are forced to leave a few so-called essential items at home.

Now that you are traveling on four wheels, such restrictions are eased considerably. However, you don’t have to travel down the motorway with your boot half-open. The more you take, the more stressful your getaway becomes so learn to travel light. If you desperately need something, you know that there are shops in the UK that will deliver it to you in the next day. The last thing you, or the family needs, is to be carting around belongings all day and becoming tired and stressed as a result.

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