Types of rock climbing shoes you may consider before your next adventure

Besides being an adventurous and exhilarating sport, rock climbing is also perceived as a gear-centric activity.

The rock climbing shoes that you have in your gear have the power to alter the entire course of a trek.  From cheap rockclimbing shoes made of excellent materials to aggressive models, there are different types of climbing shoes in the market.

To make the most of your rock climbing experience, you need the right type of shoes and equipment. Are you planning to scale a cliff any time soon? Scroll through to learn more about different types of rock climbing shoes.

Comfort or Flat-Lasted Shoes

Comfort shoes are great for beginners, as they are designed to be worn all day with minimal to no discomfort. If you are a new climber out in the mountains for the first time, you can choose this model without any second thoughts. This model will help you find firm footing without worrying about your feet getting twisted or injured during the climb.

In the meantime, a comfort shoe also gives the benefits of a sticky rubber shoe, offering a better grip on the wall. While looking for this model, check if the shoe has a slight curl, which is an indicator of good performance.

All-Around or Moderate Shoes

An all-around rock climbing shoe can also be classified as best-suited for intermediates. This type generally has a vaguely downturned shape, giving you the freedom to place your feet in a strong and powerful position.

This way, you can control your foot placement better, especially while passing through challenging routes.

Compared to comfort shoes, all-around shoes have thinner and stickier rubber for better sensitivity and grip on the rock. If you are an advanced climber looking for cheap rock climbing shoes for training, you can check out different brands of all-around shoes.

Performance Shoes

Just like the name suggests, performance shoes are for those who are well-advanced in rock climbing. This model tends to have a visibly downturned or cambered shape that curves backward at the arch.

Performance shoes are designed to have a good amount of tension at the heels. The curve at the arch and pressure at the heel gives your feet a powerful position while climbing.

Usually, advanced models like these are paired with an asymmetric last. It helps bend your feet into a claw-like or banana shape. While climbing, this shape helps transfer power from your leg to the forefoot easily. With better footing comes better control, especially while facing overhangs and small holds.

Lower Volume Rock Climbing Shoes

Lower volume rock climbing shoes are designed to have narrower or small heel shapes. Most rock climbing shoe manufacturers tend to create low-volume climbing shoes catering to women’s foot shapes.

Even though they are frequently known to be women’s climbing shoes, men can still wear this model if it fits them better.

Especially men with narrower feet looking for different cheap rock climbing shoes can opt for low-volume rock climbing shoes without hesitation.

Are you planning your next rock climbing adventure? Then it is high time you add a high-quality climbing shoe to your gear soon. Now that you know about the different types of rock climbing shoes, read online reviews, compare other models, and buy a pair that suits you the best.

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