Tribal Braids – Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles Trends To Follow

Most of the tribal braids are ingrained in the history of the African continent. To be precise, it is dated back to 3500 B.C. Furthermore, if you want to describe it as the strength of Africans and their descendants, you are probably right.

Moreover, even after thousands of years, tribal braids are equally popular among African people. Coupled with style, every young tribal girl is today fond of this kind of braids. Even a decade back, straightening hair was the norm. These braids have evolved in the last couple of decades as more protective hairstyles.

It is interesting to see how simple things like these braids can be deemed as status in society. Likewise, when you think about these braids, in African society it shows the status of several factors like age, marital status, wealth, and religion. Not to mention, right now it is more like cool and trendy stuff. 

#How Long This Braid Hairstyles Last

When you want to know about the information and things related to tribal braids’ hairstyles,  you should know that it lasts about four to six weeks. In addition, it depends on the size of the braids. However, the duration of the Braids depends on what kind of braids you would like to have. Similarly, if you have Fulani tribal braids, people suggest keeping them for three weeks and other braids for six weeks. In addition, it all depends on how well you can take care of your braids too. 

#Checkout Some Of The Trendy Tribal Braids Styles 

In case you are an African woman, this trendy and stylish hairstyle is a great way to cheer your womanhood. Furthermore, you should know that there are different types of tribal braids like Fulani tribal braids or medium tribal braids and the most stylish one half up half down tribal braids. Here, we would like to take a look into various trendy hairstyles in detail.

#Fulani Tribal Braids

When you are looking for a top trendy hairstyle, Fulani Tribal Braids are one of the best to get. Correspondingly, the Fula people of Africa are responsible for bringing this hairstyle to the world. Uniquely, this hairstyle is so popular that it showcases the status and culture of Africans. 

In addition, it is one such hairstyle that requires low maintenance. In case you want to have Fulani Braids, you can add jumbo Fulani braids, box braids, braided swoop in your style. Here, you can check a few stylish looks that can go along with your lifestyle and mood.

  1. Straight–back Fulani Braids- It is one of the most classy looks with elegance. In addition, If you can add some color it will provide a different look to your style.
  2. Goddess Braids- If you are looking for thinner cornrows you can use this look. Uniquely, it is good for summer. Similarly, it lasts for four weeks and is easy to handle. Moreover, this style is good for bob-cut hair as well as long hair.
  3. Knotless braids- These braids are one of the easy-to-handle styles and you can have less worry about the scalp area.

#Long Tribal Braids  

In case you are fond of long hair, it is perfect for you. In addition, It may be ideal to visit anywhere you like with this kind of hairstyle. Moreover, long tribal braids have less maintenance and are easy to handle. Comparatively, this style helps to make your face look a bit longer. Uniquely. in case you are a bit fat and want to look slim, this hairstyle may be perfect for you.

#Middle Part Tribal Braids

If your face is in a round or oval shape, these middle part tribal braids are well suited for you. Furthermore, this hairstyle can part your face and draw your eye to the center of your face. Likewise, this style is perfect for you to look more mysterious. Yet, tribal braids’ middle part has some vibe to look laidback and edgy.

#Half Up Half Down Tribal Braids 

This half up half down tribal braids style gives you the best of both worlds. Comparatively, if you want to have a hairstyle that is lovely and suitable to do daily work, this hairstyle is the ideal one. Furthermore, you may find the following hairstyle might be ideal for you.

  1. Fancy Wedding Half Updo – Check out this style only if you have a lack of styling skills. Moreover, it is fast and saves time.
  2. Half-Up Half-Down Curly Hair– In case you are going for a bridesmaid or a prom party this hairstyle might be the ideal one for your occasion. Moreover, it will complement your style with a twisted look.

#Bohemian Tribal Braids

Uniquely, the Bohemian tribal braids look funny and you are also required to have kanekalon hair. Moreover, you are also required to have curly crochet hair. In addition, you may also use deep twist hair. Similarly, this is just like box braids and it has undone curly ends. 

Furthermore, it is helpful when you are looking for a fuller look and provides a voluminous look. In addition, you can add some human hair to get the messy and stylish bohemian look. However, you should not dip the hair into hot water. Correspondingly, this hairstyle is perfect for unconventional people who have the spirit with an artistic touch. 

#Tribal Braids With Beads

If you want to channel your fierce style with attitude, tribal braids with beads are ideal. Moreover, it creates a supremely divine channeling of your inner beauty. In addition, you can add style with silver cords and pair tribal braids middle part with metallic silver cuffs and beads.

#Side Part Tribal Braids

Check out this hairstyle if you have square or diamond face shapes. Additionally, It brings attention to the people’s eyes and cheekbones. Moreover, it shows off your angular jaw. Furthermore, if you want to create a soft and feminine look, side parting is helpful. Similarly, when you want to get a thicker look for your kid like goddess braids, Side part tribal braids perfectly set the style too.

#Jumbo Tribal Braids

If you want to stand out from the crowd, check out jumbo tribal braids. Correspondingly, it is just like a form of braids that are much thicker than others. Moreover, it requires extra hair extension. Thus it provides a signature oversize effect. Furthermore, you can also create different hairstyles with this look. Whether you like beads or hair cuffs, it gives a unique tribal style.

#Tribal Braids For Kids

This style goes along well with the sweet nature of the kids. As the nature of the kids, it showcases a versatile lifestyle. To get the cuteness and youthful look, kids’ tribal braids are ideal. Furthermore, try this hairstyle in school. In addition, you can also add a cute effect with beads in your hair.

#Medium Tribal Braids

The best thing about these braids is whether you have short or long hair, medium tribal braids go well along with all. In addition, if you want to have medium-length hair and would like to use no extension, it is perfect for them. Moreover, this hairstyle can create a unique and organic style. Likewise, to add versatility and uniqueness you can add side-parted style with beads. Uniquely, it brings out the subtle tribal look.


In this digital age, tribal braids are the testament of their faith in tribal culture. Moreover, for African women, it is a matter of style and independence. In addition, it is a matter of great pride to show their lifestyle. Uniquely, there are cases where they have showcased their tribal spirit from boardroom meetings to the ramp of the fashion week through braids. 

Correspondingly, these braids have all sorts of accessories that can be attached with beads to create unique looks. In today’s world, tribal braids styles are all about showing tribal heritage and acknowledging tribal personality.

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