Top Five Reasons for Random Excel Crashes

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There is no feeling worse than spending hours working on a spreadsheet only to lose all the data and information when MS Excel crashes unexpectedly. If you haven’t had this happen personally, you likely know someone who has had a very unpleasant experience. You may be wondering if crashes like this can be prevented and what steps Excel users can take to safeguard against random crashes. Continue reading to find out the top five reasons for random Excel crashes and what you can do to fix Excel the next time it happens.

Top 5 Reasons of MS Excel crashes:

  1. If you experience frequent random Excel crashes, it may be that you are using an outdated version of the program. MS Office Suite tools have been trusted for decades, they are industry standard in the business world and are typically considered to be very reliable, but even with the known reliability factor, the program can become unstable once outdated. Microsoft frequently releases updates to fix vulnerabilities and other issues. Your first step to try to fix Excel is to update the program.
  1. The second reason why Excel may frequently crash is that the program you have has become corrupted. Excel is considered very stable, and for that reason, it is widely used however it is possible for the program data files to become corrupted. The next step to try when fixing an Excel issue is to run Excel’s repair tool.
  2. Another likely culprit behind random crashes in Excel is if you have plugins running. In Excel, plugins can cause trouble by slowing down the program and eventually causing it to crash. The best solution in this instance to fix excel is to disable add-ins. COM add-ins, in particular, have been known to cause crashes in Excel.
  3. If you have tried using the repair tool, updating the program, and disabling plugins, your next step should be checking to ensure no other programs are using Excel or in conflict with the program. It may be that your Antivirus software is interfering with Excel’s processes and causing it to crash. Use your task manager to determine which other programs are open simultaneously and may be the source of your issue.
  4. Finally, if you are unable to fix Excel by using the previous steps, this could indicate that there is an issue with your computer. It can help to try a clean reboot in order to fix Excel. First, power off your computer and then restart it in safe mode. Once the computer is powered on and in safe mode, open up Excel investigate to see if this solves your issue.

Concluding words:

If you are continuously experiencing issues with Excel causing your program to crash randomly, it may be one of these five reasons. The good news is to fix excel, you can attempt to troubleshoot, and through the process of elimination, you will often find a way to get the program running smoothly again.

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