Top Challenges for Enterprise and Web Development

There are at least 4 web design trends (and challenges) that businesses should be aware of before ordering custom development. In business, first impressions matter a lot. This is especially true for large brands. Coming to your office, clients know that they have come to you. When people visit the site, they should feel the same way. This feeling is created not only by the corporate logo. Many small details add up to the big picture. For example, all offices of one corporation may have gray finishes and green furniture (the trend towards sustainability). This means that these two colors should prevail on the website and mobile application, as well as all social media of the company. Also, employees can have common scripts for greeting, sales, and so on. These templates need to be transferred to virtual space. Let your site visitors be greeted by a virtual assistant who uses brand phrases and sentences.

Video on the site

Now let’s talk about what allows you to dramatically increase your organic traffic. As you already understood, these are videos. These can be short funny videos or long training videos. A series of short videos is great. In any case, even animation works much more efficiently than static images and texts.

Adding video to a website is one of the main challenges. The fact is that even a very short video greatly slows down the page load speed and also increases traffic consumption. Users may not like this. But if you contact a good company that provides enterprise web development services, do not doubt that professionals will find the best solution. According to many experts, adding a video to a website can increase the likelihood of getting on the first page of Google results by 53 times.

Full immersion interactive form

Built-in 3D tours and various visualizations make the company closer to users. The brand owner communicates better to potential customers. If there is a direct opportunity to give feedback, this is an ideal case. To create the effect of 100% interaction, the site must have infographics, a text blog, reviews. The more communication channels you offer to your target audience, the better.

Web books

Web books are an interesting solution, especially if you need to save Internet traffic for your users. This is a kind of expert blog. But everyone can write on the blog. The book is a teaching aid. Therefore, authors must be recognizable individuals with extensive experience and authority. You can add a section with comments, but it should go in a separate block. Don’t confuse the communication section with the educational one.


The main principle that you should adhere to when creating a personal website is brand awareness. Let’s say a new user came to your site without knowing anything about your company. Are you sure you are communicating company values? The goals, position, and mission of the brand should be clear from the design and content. And it doesn’t matter whether the reader will enter the About section or not. All site tabs should somehow carry a general message, but give different information in several ways.

To do this, make sure the designer knows, understands, and translates these values ‚Äč‚Äčinto the site design. These points need to be identified at the stage of forming business requirements. It is also worth testing the design at every stage of design, development, and coding. This may seem like just another variable that will complicate an already difficult design process. However, professionals know that our brand principles help our team make faster, clearer, and more decisive design decisions.

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