Top 7 FMovies Alternative Sites for Watching Movies Online Free in 2020

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FMovies is one of the best streaming platforms. It is not only free but also has a beautiful collection of one of the best movies, which you can stream to your heart’s content. Movie marathons are now achievable because of FMovies, don’t you think? This library also has classic movies, which are not easily available for the people anywhere else. However, since many people need more than just a movies’ streaming platforms, given below are some of the best sites which can help you get everything at the same place.

Amazon Prime Video:

Having an Amazon Prime account is something everyone have or if not, should have Movies on Amazon Prime Video are quite beautiful and oh so easy to access. The user interface is not only friendly, but clean and effective also. It is a most-sought after streaming platform, which also produces some great self-made movies or series. Though you need an account as well as have to pay some negligible fee for it, this is perfectly worth it.

Yes Movies:

Yes Movies is an amazing website, thanks to its neatly organized website and extensive and entertaining library of movies and TV series. There are literally the most popular, user-favorite movies and TV series available on Yes Movies, present in HD quality. One can download these all too, and that too at a faster speed than anticipated. However, since it is not available to everyone, it can only open if the site is supported by the country you are in.


PopcornFlix is one of the best FMovies Alternative Sites to Watch Free Movies Online. Not only can you stream movies, but also watch series, all of which is divided into different and neat little sections of drama, horror, action, romcom and many more. You don’t have to spend a dime on this and since it gets its revenue from the ads displayed, there might be some ads when you use the site – but not the annoying kind, just the normal ones.


CineBloom looks and functions just like 1Movies, but also happens to be one of the best alternatives for FMovies. They can help you to stream and watch movies and TV shows easily and efficiently, and can let you download them just as well. The website is clean, neat and easy-to-use and therefore, scores more in people’s hearts, as compared to the other additions here. The content available in here is just mind-blowing – the question is, do you want to get your mind blown?


SolarMovies is for the movies and series buff, where you get a ultimate high-quality search engine. You can search anything on it and you will get the results in less than two seconds – isn’t that cool? Not only have people acknowledged SolarMovies as the perfect FMovies alternative, but have also started preferring it more over any other platform too. The website is perfectly beautiful and sleek and has a nice and inviting feel to it. Search your content and just start streaming!


123Movies might be just one of the few sites which can be used not only from laptop and computers, but also from phones with android OS or iOS. It has block access, which has gained a lot of users to the site. No registration, no compulsion of creating an account and no charges at all, 123Movies gives you a smooth and seamless streaming content experience, and that too in the comforts of your own house. That’s what we all are looking for, isn’t it?


YoMovies, last but not the least, is a sound alternative for FMovies, which lets you stream as well as download movies for absolutely free. It doesn’t provide TV series, just like FMovies, but the library of movies more than perfectly makes up for it. There are regional as well as foreign movies, normal as well as dubbed movies – and many others. Easy and straightforward, that’s what YoMovies specializes in.

FMovies – the ultimate stop for movies, has a little list of awesome alternatives, where you can enjoy free streaming of movies and TV series. Aside from FMovies, all of them comes with their pros and cons and it is, therefore, up to you, to fixate on one that is perfect for you and dedicatedly use it in always.

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