Top 5 Unique Vacation Ideas For Your Bucket List

A bucket list is a checklist of things you wish to achieve or fulfill by a specific date or deadline. Many people create bucket lists for each season to help them celebrate throughout the year.

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Others create bucket lists focusing on travel, life goals, birthdays, and things they want to do before or during a milestone birthday. Consider these five unique vacation spots to add to your bucket list when planning your vacation.


Madagascar is known for its stunning beaches in the warm Indian ocean. This tropical island sports impressive wildlife, 80% of which cannot be found anywhere else on this spinning globe called Earth. Not to mention, Madagascar is the fourth largest island.

The tropical paradise is privileged to be placed near a whale migration route, and the giants can be seen from the shore multiple times a year.

Sardina, Italy

Sardina is graced with festivals every month. This tiny slice of paradise hosts some spectacular events during the summer months. Be sure to look at festivals like Cavalcata Sarda, Sardinia Reggae, and Festa Della Birra when planning your vacation schedule.

Sardinia will take your breath away with over 1800km of gorgeous coastline. This stunning island is the place to go, whether you enjoy relaxing on the warm beach or swimming in the azure sea.

Bol, Croatia

Bol is known for its stunning beaches, particularly Golden Horn beach. This small town, located on the island’s south side, has a lively vibe.

Bol, Croatia, is the perfect place to find relaxation and peace. This Mediterranean gem has a tropical feel due to the lush trees and plants.

With Bol being so small, there aren’t many hotels. You will need to find a rental for your stay. If you want to stay outside of town, be warned that you may have to cook for yourself!

Santorini, Greece

This romantic holiday destination is filled with luxury and amazing sunrises and sunsets. This destination is known for its unique flavors; the tiny island has deep traditional roots and breathtaking views around every corner.

The best time to visit this gorgeous oasis of love and romance is Springtime. As the first warm rays of spring light filter through the Greek sky, Santorini takes on a unique, different beauty.

Zakynthos, Greece

This dreamy island, located off the southwest coast of Greece, has beaches in the Adriatic sea. Visiting this paradise is not something you will regret with lush green olive groves and dramatic cliffs.

Zakynthos is home to the famous Blue Caves. Many have been able to swim with sea turtles while visiting this lovely island. Ecofriendly boat tours are available to take you around spectacular sites.

Whatever your time frame, a bucket list vacation is more exciting than a regular getaway.

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