Top 5 Health Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart

“Health is Wealth”, you must have heard this saying and many other similar lines on health. A person needs a sound health to live his life peacefully and happily. And without a healthy heart, one cannot have a good health. But most of the people do not know much about how to keep their heart healthy.

In general, a balanced diet and a proper exercise routine play an important role in keeping our heart healthy. However, apart from these two things there are also several other health tips that a person can adopt in his daily life to keep his heart fit. If you follow these tips regularly then you would not feel any discomfort in taking a good care of your health. Here is the list:

Avoid Eating Trans Fat

It is a fact that we need various kinds of healthy fats namely, saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to survive. However, apart from consuming these, most of the people end up taking trans fats in their daily life. And trans fat is not at all good for your heart and we don’t need it in our diet to live our life.

Some examples of trans fats are packaged food, snacks, margarine, and fast foods available in the market. What trans fat does is it disrupts the blood flow by clogging the arteries. The end result is the increase in the level of LDL cholesterol, which is bad for the functioning of our heart. One should check the ingredients of every item that he eats and make sure there is no trans fat in it.

Refrain from Active and Passive Smoking

A person should not involve himself in smoking as it leads to buildup of plaque in the arteries and hence do not allow proper flow of blood through our body. Studies have found that those who smoke on regular basis have a high risk of developing cardiovascular and lung diseases.

A huge number of people dies everyday due to smoke of cigarette. However, it is not only the active smoking which leads to the heart disease deaths, but the passive smoking also plays an important part in the failure of our heart. One should prevent himself from the smoke of tobacco or cigarette from other person.

Exercise Daily ( Do not sit for long time )

It is no secret that exercise is important for our survival. It not only keeps us healthy but also impacts positively on our heart. Those who exercise daily have a low chance of developing heart diseases and they live a healthy life. So, the best way is to wake up early, plug in the head phones and listen to some amazing numbers of your choice, for example popular Hindi songs these days, and go for a jog or exercise in the park.

If your routine is too busy that you find it difficult to take some time out for exercise then also you should try to move your body after a regular interval of time. For example, do not sit on chair for a long time and take stairs instead of lift to reach your cabin. Also, you can park your vehicle a little away from your office so as to walk some distance daily.

Take Good Sleep

A good sleep is essential to keep our heart working properly. People who do not sleep for at least six hours have high chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. A person should take 7-8 hours of sleep to ensure a sound health of the heart. Or else, he can develop problems related to blood pressure and inflammation in the body. Those who are suffering from sleep problems must consult their doctors to seek solution for their sleep problem.

Maintain Good Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene of a person indicates a lot of things about his overall health as well as his heart. Those who have gum problems are more subjected to developing heart diseases over the time. This is because the gum in the mouth enters the blood vessels and cause inflammation in them which is basically due to the increase in the C-Reactive protein in our body. It may lead to heart disease and even stroke. We should try to take proper care of our dental health by brushing our teeth daily and using floss to clean our teeth.

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