5 Most Popular Rice-Based Indian Food Items

At the point when in India, rice is a piece of no less than one feast of the day whether arranged in the North or the South. This grain is cooked in heap distinctive ways, imbuing diverse tastes. The nutritive esteem, healthiness, and satiety of rice make it a most loved among all classes and societies. Underneath given are a couple of rice dishes that are enduring top choices, and regardless of from which part of India they begin, their taste or surface is cherished by all.

Being the destination for Best Indian food in Dublin, the team of chefs at Sitar Temple Bar has compiled a list of 5 most popular rice-based food items. Let’s take a look at the following list.


An article on rice dishes is inadequate without mentioning the flavourful and zesty biryani. Being the provider of Best Indian food in Dublin, we know that sheer pleasure you get while you taste it when cooked ‘dum’ style – abandoning it under-cooked and giving it a chance to stew in its own particular steam and flavours, the biryani is a gourmand’s pleasure. Guarantee that your biryani is going to be ultra delicious if cooked by the by us as it is made of additional long grains as well as non-sticky rice grains. This double combo will give your biryani an imperial look alongside the ideal surface and taste.


This hot rice dish is made by cooking vegetables and rice together, and the option of sound leaves, cloves, and cinnamon give the rice a wonderful flavour and fragrance. The best supplement with Pulav is raita, which is a composition of curd, salt along with boondi, cucumber, or veg. Each rice grain stands separated, giving the dish a rich look, smell, and texture.


Gently spiced and cooked with the modest kind of jeera or cumin seeds, jeera rice rushes to get ready and is one of only a handful couple of rice dishes that doesn’t overwhelm the sauce or different supplements. Jeera Rice tastes best with dal tadka. We prefer to use Traditional Basmati Rice to make this dish give a hypnotizing fragrance that makes hard to ignore!


Khichdi is simple, an easy food item that can be cooked up quickly. Dal khichdi is nutritious and healthy, and simple to cook. Basmati Rice is the perfect choice for khichdi as its feathery surface and tempting fragrances upgrade the kinds of this straightforward dish. Serve the dal khichdi hot with a bit of ghee on the best and coriander chutney and papad as an afterthought to appreciate a brilliant solace sustenance meal.


A famous South Indian formula, lemon rice is a delicious dish that requires the use of lemon sparingly and flawlessly. This dish can likewise be assembled with extra rice, which tastes stunningly better. Additionally, it has a decent fragrance that mixes in magnificently with the kinds of lemon, making it flavoursome and also stylishly satisfying.

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