Top 5 construction management software


Management software is becoming an essential tool in various industries. Where people are involved, such software can aid in scheduling tasks. In some cases, it allows people to work remotely.

Management software streamlines processes and provides greater visibility for the tasks. Moreover, it helps managers keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. It allows managers to keep track of deadlines and schedules. Since management software is available to all the team members, it provides effective communication and collaboration. It also makes budgeting and time-management effective. In the long-run, management software improves the productivity of the team and gets the job done.

What is construction project management software?

Software is an essential tool for construction as well. Construction project management software helps in the following ways:

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Budgeting and accounting
  • Time-management
  • Resource allocation and task assignment
  • Reporting

In addition to this, such software allows you to share files and documents between a team. Various construction project management software helps users to keep track of a project. Most management software offers Cloud functionality. Hence, you can access them from anywhere you want. Another important functionality of construction software is accounting and finance.

Here are five project management software popular in the market:

Jonas Premier

Jonas Premier is a comprehensive software that provides various features to contractors, the design department, civil engineers, etc. Hence, it is a powerful tool. It is also a top-rated construction management software in the industry.

Jonas Premier also offers Cloud functionality, which allows users to manage a project from anywhere at any time. Hence, making it easier for teams to collaborate. Jonas Premier also offers a mobile-friendly app.

One of the best features of the software is that it provides automated job costing that is accurate. It allows little room for mistakes and ensures that there is no mishandling of the budget. In addition to this, you can access real-time data through reporting tools. So you can keep track of tasks and your staff. The software also offers data analysis tools, which provide accurate predictions.

With the compliance tracking feature, you can ensure that the project adheres to the industry standards. You can also track inventory and ensure proper allocation of resources. In a construction project, managers need to hire various subcontractors. This software allows you to manage subcontractors to avoid delays.

BIM 360

BIM 360 is management software designed specifically for construction. The purpose of the software is to speed up processes while complying with industry standards. It also provides reporting tools to ensure that the project is on time. Dashboards and other indicators provide an overview of the project. The software also has data mining and analysis features, which can recognize patterns and trends.

Managers can track the status of the construction project. Not only does the software provide greater visibility, but it also allows users greater control over the workflow. Hence, it leads to faster delivery of the project.


Co-Constructor is software specifically targeting remodeling and construction for homes.

To ease the burden of accounting and finance, you can integrate the software with any accounting software. The software also allows managers to share files and photos with the team. With the software, you can also make proposals and provide them to clients.

Moreover, any changes in the procurement or tasks are updates across the board. This feature allows the team members to stay on track. In addition to this, the software also predicts the project cost to avoid any budget constraints in the future. You can manage a construction project from anywhere. The software also generates invoices for the client.


Procore is one of the leading construction management software. In addition to providing an overview of the project, the software also ensures staying on budget. It keeps all stakeholders in the loop and offers them information. It has real-time tracking and is easy-to-use.

Like most management software, Procore allows contractors to keep track of the financials. It provides real-time data and ensures that the project is within budget. Another key feature of Procore is that it offers risk mitigation while ensuring quality. You can also generate invoices from the software.


Buildertrend is a construction management tool for homebuilders, contractors, and commercial builders. It offers pre-sales features to help a contractor land a project by providing estimates and proposals to clients. For this purpose, the software has templates. In addition to this, you can make bid requests and notify the client through email. Buildertrend also helps you in digital marketing via email. You can also use the templates offered by Buildertrend.

It allows easy integrations with other software. You can also import Excel files into the workspace.


Construction project management tools are essential to help contractors and managers. Time and budget are the two main constraints of a project. Apart from monitoring the status of a task, it makes it easier to manage resources.


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