Tips & Tricks To Survive Holiday Events In Sobriety

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By safikul

When sobriety in the festivity season is your goal then you should be at the top of your game. Holiday events are structured in a way that they help people come together and one of the ways of making people come together is through fun activities such as road trips, parties, and drinking game s among many others. Four out of five families engage in alcoholic kind of fun during the festivities. For one that is a very bad kind of influence even for the younger generation. However, does this mean that you cannot stay sober all through? No! You can! And this is how to do it:

1. Engage in non-alcoholic activities

What if you substituted drinking for swimming? That would actually be a lot more fun. There are many activities that I believe are more fun than drinking and which can only be done if you are not drunk. Hiking is one of them. It will be hard for you to go hiking or mountain climbing while drunk. Trust me you won’t be able to get on that bicycle while tipsy. Such activities will demand your sobriety and will keep you off drugs.

2. Keep off

As the old adage goes, out of sight out of mind, it is important to keep any drugs or alcohol away from your vicinity. A study has shown that the more we are exposed to something the more the likelihood to indulge in it. Real life scenario, many children whose parents are artists end up following the same since that is what they are exposed to. Make your environment drug free and you will be surprised at how good your holiday will be. Actually, this is the same environment that real treatment center reviews done by ex-patients describe.

3. Get busy

The best way to go through festivities while clean is getting busy. You would rather just take a long walk or just try some new recipe. Basically, distract yourself from all the free time you have and get your mind from thinking of any drugs or alcohol.

4. Stay away from your stash

Most people tend to travel with their stash. Probably, one in their pocket, another in the suitcase and another in-between the supplies. They place them in such a way that they will not need it and lack it. However, suppose you are traveling, make sure you leave your stash behind and go drug-free. Trust me it will be hard and you might feel like running back for miles back home to get it but with time you’ll manage. Festivities should bring out dun and also be a point of redemption and second chances.

5. Get an accountability partner

There is that one person who you trust with your life, right? This is the kind of person for this. Tell him to make sure you don’t do drugs at all cost. This is the kind of person who will keep you in check and trust me you might hate them but you will than them after this is all over.

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