How To Practice Shaving Using Straight Razor

Many people have gotten used to safety razors that they think that using straight razors is actually dangerous. Truth be told, it is not a child’s play and to see one who has completely mastered the art of using a straight razor means that they have taken time and practice on it. True story, I know of a barber in Canada who uses axes to do haircuts. Now count me out on that because I love my head too much but he does it so well that it almost tricked me to go get a haircut from him. That aside, if someone has mastered that kind of prowess then you can definitely master the art of using a straight razor.

Straight razors have been used for the longest time in grooming and even in the most uncivilized of places where safety razors have not yet reached or where they have not fully been embraced they do have straight razors. The first thing to ensure when it comes to straight razors is how firm it is. A straight razor has a handle that keeps it firm and it also helps for grip and handling it. The last thing you would want when using a straight razor is for the handle to be pretty weak. This is because it could swing at any time and that will be to the disadvantage of your hands.

You also need to realize that the best way to use a straight razor is when it is sharp. Given that it has the format of a knife then we can all agree that you need to use as little force as possible. Make sure that you sharpen your straight razor or even better once in a while get subscribe to bearded colonel for some new razors be it straight razors or safety razors. When making a subscription it is good to check on all specks and see whether it is satisfying your need. Get to ask yourself, is it favoring me, does it give me the satisfaction and quality I want, am I getting the best out of it and most importantly is it the best shaving subscription in the UK? If your answer is yes, which I know it is, then get your subscription today.

Shaving using a straight razor is quite tedious as compared to safety razors as you have to take more time. You have to put into consideration that you have to come up slowly. After putting on the shaving cream then you can start slowly and remember that the best way to shave using a straight razor is at an angle. Tilt it to an angle and scrap slowly toward the bottom or going forward, depending on how you like to do it. You will have to have a shaving cream when using a straight razor to ensure that your skin is well lubricated so that your shave smoothly and the only thing that is scraped from your face is hair. Straight razors are best when it comes to clean shaves.


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