A Few Best Tips to Perfect Your Golf Swing

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By Sarah Jay

Golf is a sport enjoyed by people globally. There are techniques involved that require the balance between body and mind. According to a report, in 2019, over 24.3 million people in the US have enjoyed the sport on a golf course.

You might think that getting the perfect golf swing results from expensive training, equipment, and a membership to a golf club. Sure, a good coach can give you an edge, but it is only by understanding the techniques and practice can you learn how to deliver that swing.

Tips to Perfect Your Golf Swing

Swinging your golf club is not a singular action that you perform. It would be best if you focused, kept yourself steady, held the club a certain way, put strength into your pre-swing, actually took the swing, and completed the action with a follow-through.

Here are a few best tips that can help you improve the delivery of your swings:

Understand How to Grip the Golf Club

If the grip on your club is too firm, chances are you will come down hard on the ball and cause a slice. If it is too loose, you can send the club flying out of your hand during the swing. With practice, you will understand the right amount of pressure to be applied.

Place your non-dominant hand on the grip and curl the fingers around it. The tip here is to ensure the crease between your thumb and index finger makes a direct line to your shoulder.

Next, with your dominant hand, overlap the thumb of the first hand with the pinkie finger. Finally, ensure both your thumbs and index fingers make a parallel V with each other.

Steady Your Posture

When you get ready to swing, your torso is a key part of your posture. Do not slouch or stand too upright. The tip here is to bend enough so that the end of the club reaches the golf ball. The bend in your knees should be minimal, while your arms should be loose enough to swing with ease.

Getting the Swing Right

There are two aspects to the golf swing, the backswing, and the transition. First, the end of the golf club should be at waist level, and its body should be parallel to your head. Twist your body, so you pull energy from the larger muscles into your hand.

Next, while you bring the club down, make sure to keep the elbows as close to your body as possible. Use the strength gathered to deliver an impactful swing.

Once you have hit the golf ball, carry forward and complete the swinging motion.

Keep Practicing

Even with set instructions on how to hold the club or swing it, you will need time to understand the right pressure required for a firm grip, posture, and strength required. And these are techniques that can be perfected over time with practice.

Final Thoughts

Golf is a game that one can enjoy competitively or for rejuvenation. Delivering that perfect golf swing is an activity that can be immensely satisfying. Start by understanding the basics of golf and the proper techniques to help you improve your game and keep you safe from injuries.

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